1. FoamyDM

    Projector Madness! FoamyDM - Vance's Viking

    While doing research on my other project the Viking S-3b, I stumbled upon a fun looking plane with the viking name. I found a 3-view that hit me for some reason, Vance's Viking. HISTORY According to the Wikipedia Entry for Vance Viking, the Plane was borne of a desire to build a fast flying...
  2. Bando FPV

    Swappable Lockheed Vega Scratch Build!!!

    Hey guys! I've been working on my first Foam Board Design the Lockheed Vega. I was looking around on Wikipedia searching for different planes to design that I haven't seen anyone else do before. I then came to Lockheed Vega. The name sounded familiar so I started researching. I later found out...
  3. P

    Ft. Mini Guinea power pack and mods

    Hello, I'm new to the forms but I've been watching and building Flite test planes for a long time. I looked around for a thread on this but I didn't find anything on it, so to the point. I just built a Flite test guinea pig, and now I'm planning on moving to the mini, but the only mini...
  4. kdobson83

    Which swapable will work with my current setup? Help!

    Guys, i need help chosing my next swapable. I am currently flying the FT Flyer and the FT Trainer. Adding sport wing this weekend to the trainer. But i want to build something to swap my swapable pod into. But im cheap and want to do this without buying bigger and better stuff. My pod has...
  5. D

    How to search for certain topics?

    I want to see if there are any topics for a certain FT plane like the Spitfire. Is there a way to search and see what has been posted? I have a drawing to add landing gear to the Spitfire but am not able to upload it.
  6. T

    Mustang fail

    I've finished the Nutball, Delta and Flyer builds. I've been getting better at the whole process in general. BUT, epic fail today on the Mustang, which I was trying to do an extra clean job on. Problem is the part where you put the paper on the top, curving it around and gluing the edges. I...
  7. Alp

    Hawker Tempest MKII

    Edit (31.01.2015): Hawker Tempest MkII Wingspan: 1150mm Lenght: 860mm Weight: 980gr(with battery) Motor: Tgy d2836-1100 Propeller: 10x5 Battery: 3s2200 Material: foamboard and coated paper or poster board. (plan for 70x100cm foamboard) Plans: (minor changed: power pod dimensions)
  8. BanditJacksRC

    Swapable J-3 Piper Cub

    Just finished with my J-3 Piper Cub. I am still learning to fly and thought this guys would be a good trainer. I have always liked the J-3 and would love to fly one, one day. Motor= NTM 28-26 Prop Drive 1200kv 258w ESC= HK 30A Battery= 3c 2200mah Servos= Turnagy 9g RX= Spektrum 6100e (I...
  9. N

    Belgische Swappables?

    Bij deze de eerste Belgische post :D Mijn 3 Swappables: FT 3D/ Spitfire / Bloody Wonder V2 D Vandaag wordt gestart met de paintjob van de Spitfire. Locatie: Poperinge
  10. M

    Bugatti racer: any interest?

    My first try using sketchup to create a pdf but I'll give it a go if anyone is interested. For those unfamiliar with it
  11. T

    Battery Help!!!

    Hello memebers of the Flite Test community, I have been watching the beginners series and I want to start flying. I think I am going the go the scratch build way. I've seen the pack from Lazer Toys website and wondered what charger I should use for those batteries. This is...
  12. O

    Asymmetrical Dual Swappable

    Hey Everyone, Recent FliteTest subscriber, first time poster. I flew a bit of trainer at my local AMA club back in 1999 when I had a Junior AMA license. Also had a control line plane. My dad used to fly gliders, and has a glow plane. Anyway, here's a challenge for the FliteTest crew: Make...
  13. J

    p-51 swappable

    i bought the spitfire swappable and it is amazing but it hink that a p-51 would be even better. It would look so cool and go good with the spitfire.c
  14. knife-edge

    Cheaper Extreme Packing Tape Alternative

    So I was walking through staples the other day looking for a roll of extreme packing tape. I found it and it was 12.99. "Can't see paying that I thought to myself", so I redlaszered it and saw that the cheapest you could get it is 8.99 plus shipping online. I gave up and was about to buy the...
  15. knife-edge

    FT Versa Wing reverse power pod install

    I love the new swappable wing that Josh designed. In fact I like it so much that I want to get into fpv, but I don't want to mess with all my electronics and other stuff. They said on the review of the wing that mounting the pod on the bottom would not be a good idea, so I thought "why not just...