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Prop size

Hi all, I have the tiny trainer with the flitetest 20amp ESC and flitetest Radial 1806 2280kV motor from the pack A.
being new at this hobby, I already broke the 2 props that came with the pack. They were 6x3
A friend gave me a set of 10 props 6045, Which I believe means 6x4.5 I wonder if these props would be ok with the ESC and not overload it. The motor can handle 5 to 7" props from the website. This 6045 moves a lot more air than the 6x3. Would it be ok to fly my plane with this prop?


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I think you'd be fine. Take her for a short, fast flight then check the motor and esc's temp to be sure.

On planes like the tiny trainer where the prop is so close to the ground it's good to learn to glide them in without power from a ways up, then, after bleeding off all your speed a couple feet over the runway, do a fairly aggressive flare and try to get your tail down first. Think of a tail dagger doing a 3 point landing...


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I agree with @Hondo76251, I think you will be OK & testing is the only way to know.

I would recommend testing on the ground, run the motor for 10 seconds at full throttle. Then stop and grab the motor & ECS to test the temperature. Warm is OK, but if its so hot don't want to touch it, that's too hot. If it passes the 10 second test, try a 30 second run, then a 60 second run. It's always a good idea to test temperature after each flight. When it gets hot out (95F+) some of my planes will start to over heat.
Thank you guys. Yeah the full stall landing was my idea. On these 2 prop brakes, I got confused in a pintch with airplane facing me, close to the ground, forgot engine was still running.. and bammm. It's a great trainer so far though
I have a similar question to this. I have a 2830 brushless motor, with a 30a esc. The recommended prop size is either a 9050 or 1045. is it possible for me to use a 1070 without blowing my esc?