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Pusher propeller needed for FT Mini Sparrow?

I have just put electronics into my FT mini sparrow, and I'm wondering if I need a pusher propeller, or can I use the propeller from power pack A, which (I think) is a "puller" propeller.


Also: When I power the plane up while I'm holding it, the motor (with the "puller" propeller on) pulls the plane backwards, will this change when flying?


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Running motors “backwards” is not the problem in planes that it can be in quads. In quads, the FC starts and stops the motor many times a second, it’s this starting and stopping that can loosen a prop nut that is rotating backwards.
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On a purely engineering note from the picture it looks like the motor shaft thread is not long enough to engage the 'stiff' part of the prop nut. This means it is ever more likely that the nut will spin off from reversing the motor direction to make that prop act as a pusher.
It looks like that prop has a particularly thick hub.
If a thinner hub prop can be used that allows the motor shaft to fully engage the stiff nut and it is done up properly there should be no problem which ever direction the motor runs.