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Q X7 OpenTx 2.2.0 Can't find SH down S or SH down L?

So I'm absolutely a noob but have become semi efficient with OpenTx 2.2.0. thanks to the wonderful inter webs and Youtube. I actually managed to setup a secondary arming safety so that if my arm switch is flipped the throttle has to return to -100 before it will arm. That was a fun adventure but learned a lot along the way. I know that sounds trivial but it was one of the more complicated things I've figured out so I was happy.
I also set up SH down to be my insta. trims for maiden flights and am excited to try it out once I get another mini arrow built. I read on OpenTx University that it is wise to un or re-assign the with after the maiden so as not to accidentally bump it. I also read here....


that there is supposed to be a SH down S (short) and SH down L (long). I thought this would be the answer to my concerns as I could set it to SH down L and not worry about bumping it. It is not listed anywhere in OpenTX companion though? I'm running the non-heli v. of 2.2.0. Does the non-heli v. not support some features? There are some other things that are absent as well and a few other questions I have but probably suited for an already existing thread if someone could steer me that way? The search doesn't turn up much when it comes to the Q X7. Thanks in advance for any help.

As with everything OpenTX there is more than one way to accomplish something. With that in mind I dove into companion after this post and found a viable solution that will work for me for now. I ended up adding a logical switch with the EDGE function. Set V1 to be SH DOWN, V2 to the amount of delay I wanted with the (infinite) option selected in the second box, the AND switch to be my arm switch witch in my case is SF DOWN, and duration 0.00. Then I went to special functions and selected L01 to be insta. trim and checked it on. Only flaw is that it doesn't beep until you release the switch. Although it doesn't beep if you don't meet the parameters so at least I'll know right away if it took or not. I set the delay fairly low at 1.5 so I don't really see it being an issue. But still high enough that I won't accidentally bump it in flight as well as having the redundant safety of needing the arm switch armed is kind of comforting.

I had to jump on OpenTX university and look at the functions of the logical switches again. l Went through a few options before realizing the EDGE function would make it possible.

I'm still curious as to why these options (SH DOWN S/SH DOWN L) are not available to me? Also if anyone has a better way of doing this feel free to share!

I also found rockyboy's thread on taranis model setups and it looks like that might be a good place to ask some more of these questions as well as swap ideas and knowledge of OpenTX programming.


Shoutout to rockyboy who helped me with some issues I was having with the mini arrow! As well as some other members. Great community here, glad to be part of it and grateful for the knowledge!
Changed the delay to 2.0 and added a special function to play sound to make up for not being able to hear the trim beep until after releasing the switch. I just set the repeat to 1s and know how many beeps before I can let go. Here's some screen shots..... Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.59.55 PM.png


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This is relevant to my interests, I have an X7 and I'd like to set up a throttle arming switch like the one you described. I haven't done much with it beyond flight timers, mixing differential ailerons and throttle/down elevator, instant trim and switching rates and expo on some of the 3 position switches. Much to learn.
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So for starters I would have never figured it out without the help of this video. He explains everything in a manner that is understandable. and it would take me a novel to try and explain;)


I also used the Open TX University site for some more invaluable information. The glossary is indispensable! How am I supposed to know what all this algebra looking stuff means that comes up as options!?!?:)

I would highly recommend watching the video first, then jumping into Companion and try setting it up in there. You can test it on the simulator to see if you are getting the desired effects. I initially (so I thought) copied the settings from his video and it did not work for me. I understood what was supposed to be happening so I tried several different routes to get there. My initial problem was that I have my [THR] set to ch.1 on my transmitter for my wing. The default in Companion is ch.3. Hahahaha. Noob. I may have actually gotten it setup right in the beginning and didn't even know it. So watch out for that kind of thing;) Anyways turned out I was kind of missing the logic behind the ! which is needed the way I got it to work. I was putting it in the wrong spot. I can't tell you how many configurations I went through before I finally got it to work. I actually set it up before responding so I could post screen shots for you and messed up one little thing the first time. I tested it on the sim though before the screen shots so I know this method works for sure. Here are those screen shots of what I did to get there. It's almost identical to the video but slightly different as I use SF for my arming switch and it is a 2 pos. switch. In his video he is using a 3pos. Best of luck! Hope this helps. Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 9.41.18 PM.png
The Doc is out of date. The t option was available in OpenTX 1.0 but it seems to have been removed in OpenTX 2.0.
I see. Thank you for clearing that up. I never thought to check the date on the DOC. It said OpenTX 2.2.0 so I thought it was relevant. I found a solution but not sure how much I'm going to be using it. Maidened another Arrow this evening and was very excited to use the Insta. Trim. Ended up hitting it once and manually blipping it into shape. Thanks again!