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QAV250 Landing Gear

Hi Everyone,

If anyone has ever flown the Luminier QAV250 for an extended amount of time, then you are probably very aware of the fact that anytime you get too close the the ground or have a hard landing, that you are almost guaranteed to snap the landing gear or at least bend it. I am wondering if anyone has a budget idea (saving for FPV goggles right now) of what to use to replace them, and still look kinda nice?

I am considering getting some bouncy balls and using some CA to put a 3mm nylock in half of the ball and attaching it using some screws the QAV comes with. since it would be a fairly cheap solution I will probably try it. I will post here if it is a success with some pictures of what I did. But if anyone else has any clever ideas that might work I would love to hear them. I cant really do 3D printed things as I dont have access to one and then I would like to keep it looking fairly clean also.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Marshmallow feet. Well, not real marshmallows but they look alot like them. Pretty much polyethylene foam or any dense foam will work and will probably weight less than the oem QAV landing gear.

My son had some glow sticks encased in foam. Then when the glow sticks stopped glowing, I rescued the foam from the garbage and re-purposed them. Added some 3m double sided tape to the bottom of my motor mounts and looped some zip ties around them. They work great providing a very cushioned landing.


Very nice, I like that idea! I can imagine there is some nice cushion in landings for it. For me personally I would paint them some color, but I am very picky about everything looking similar on my quads :D. I like the versacopter too! I want to get one but if I got everything I wanted I would be broke and in major debt haha