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QAV400 Quadcopter Videos

I recently finished my latest FPV multirotor build using the QAV400 quadcopter frame. It does an excellent job isolating the vibrations from the video. I'm also using an OpenPilot CC3D flight controller for the first time and so far I'm very impressed with how it handles. The QAV400 and CC3D make a great combo.

Here is a video of my FPV maiden flights using this setup:


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amazing video. looks like awesome fun. as any of the footage sped up or can it actually fly that fast?
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Wow, really nice footage... Your quad is very fast!
Thanks, it has a lot of power.

I can hoover!
Another truly amazing video...
Thanks for setting the bar so friggin high!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Paul. Don't worry, it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. I could barely hover my first multirotor 10 months ago.

amazing video. looks like awesome fun. as any of the footage sped up or can it actually fly that fast?
Thanks, and yes it is awesome fun. All of the footage is at normal speed with no stabilization. It really is a fast and powerful quad. Maybe a little too much power. I had to deaden the sticks a lot because the controls were extremely sensitive. It took me a few flights to get a good feel for it.
I've got a couple more QAV400 quadcopter videos to share.

I uploaded this one a few days ago (Watch it in HD to get rid of the video compression problems):

This one was recorded a few months ago but I forgot to post it here:
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Awesome video Farmer. I like how you added some onboard ATV action in there.
Thanks Rob :) I think quads and quads (atv) go great together..

I been meaning to ask you when your flying fpv do you have your fpv camera pointed straight ahead level or at a bit downward angle?

Thanks in advance

I love your videos btw they are amazing!


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I'd guess because they tend to do a lot of forward flight. This is done while the copter is in a forward lean. This plus tipping the camera down would double the downward view, and you'd end up with almost no forward view.


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Ah ok that also explains why I'm always trying to lift my head when in foward flight with my goggles on even though it doesn't help lol.. my fpv camera I pointed slightly downwards I'm going to try it level and tilt my gopro little upwards :)

Thanks so much guys!



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Just had some fun at lake of the pines with my qav400 :)

Thanks again guys having the fpv cam level helped a lot in foward flight.. fpv is still new to me but so much fun..

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