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Quad help?

Earlier today i was flying my 250 quad and "landed it" into the only piece of concrete around.. ugh. Now when i power up the back left motor does power up but only gives about half the power of the others and makes this odd odor that smells a little bit like new plastic. :confused: I have already checked that there is nothing that i can find that would do this to the motor, i even took it apart and found nothing. Does anybody know what could be wrong and how to fix it?


Rogue Drone Pilot
Either your ESC or your motor has bit the dust (or concrete in your case). my suggestion is to carefully inspect your ESC since you have checked your motor already. Give it a good sniff. Cut the heat shrink off and check for burnt circuits. Don't keep running it until you find the culprit. That smell is coming from either a shorted wire or blown board.


Are you cool, man?
Does the motor get hot to the touch? If so, the hard landing may have sent some debris into the motor, or one of the motor screws might not be rubbing even if the motor is spinning freely. Ask me how I know that one :/

Maybe blow some compressed air into the motors and back the screws out half a turn and see what happens.