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**Thanks in advance everyone, and happy flying!!**

Let's not beat around the bush here. I've bought a lhi 220 quad kit online and have had much difficulty setting it up. I've purchased 3 receivers 3 sets of Esc's 2 sets of motors, 2 pdb's 2 flight controllers (the second of which just broke today), new props, and now my frame is broken in half. I'm beginning to think I'm cursed. That being said (and replacement parts needing to be ordered soon) I need advice on what to purchase next and have a couple ideas in mind but not sure what to get when. Ultimately would like to buy a taranis or a spektrum but don't want to pay $200+ and need a recieved and a new fc as well. I have a turnigy 9x which is getting a little odd for use with my quad. I would like to buy a fr sky djt module for it, but don't know whether it's easier to get the taranis qx7 controller instead. i still am partial to spending the 130 on Amazon and 30 for a new fc.

After that is determined. I would like to know if there are any good fc and pdb combos for my quad. my pdb is getting a little squirrelly so it would be nice to have one too but if I'm buying it separately it's going to wait for my next check.

I guess a long story short, is I need the different radio signal to fly longer range and be able to fly an fpv inductrix without my girlfriends fathers remote, and actually use mine. My plan is to minimize costs by purchasing a new combined fc and pdb as well as the frsky djt module so I can fly sbus or "accst" i guess its called. That way i could save the next check for a pair of fpv goggles a new frame for my broken one, and the Beecore inductrix board. Let me know if there are any solutions that solve these problems with a more cost effective solution.

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A couple of thoughts (and you don't want to take advice from me - I don't know anything about anything...).

Are you breaking stuff from crashes? If so, the Turnigy TGY-i6s is brilliant, cheap and connects immediately to simulators. The DRL simulator is fee and is brilliant brilliant practice to ensure you crash less often!

Secondly, how wedded are you to the Whoop as a platform? If you went with something like the KingKong Tiny7, you could use the Turnigy radio with that on a bind-n-fly basis. The radio isn't that much more than the module for something else. Check out the reviews for the Tiny7 - looks great.

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What kind of gear were you running/breaking (which FC, motors, etc)? Spending a little more up front on quality components can save you a lot of headache down the road. For a great full sized, budget FC, I'd suggest the CL Racing F4 - https://store.flitetest.com/cl-racing-f4-flight-controller/. It's a FC/pdb with a current sensor and betaflight OSD.

I've never used a 9X, but you can't go wrong with a QX7 if you have the funds.


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Thank you for replying guys I have been using an spf3 racing f3 board w barometer, the little bee 12a esc, until recently getting the blade thrust esc's. using my turnigy 9x seems to limit my possibilities for connecting to quads, helis, or any other rc vehicles i might encounter. i ultimately want to get my quad running again for less, but would like to use my radio with the inductrix too. I really like the new brushless nano quads coming out, but they almost seem too powerful compared to the inductrix, for close proximity flying (ie. in my garage). like I've said I'm looking to upgrade either my turnigy 9x w a fr sky tx/rx and get a pdb/fc combo. this should be all I need to get flying again as soon as possible. thanks guys!


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If you want to get into FrSky, the QX7 is the way to go if you're on a budget. Staying with the turnigy only slightly limits your abilities if you are sticking with BNF type models, many now are coming out with FlySky compatible Rx's, which is compatible with your turnigy. The FC French linked looks really sweet, but there are tons of options out there. JB did a few video's about some of them.

Also, just a point of clarification on protocols. ACCST is the RF protocol that the transmitter uses to talk to the receiver. SBUS is the serial protocol the receiver uses to talk to the flight controller.