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Quadcopter Problems STILL !!!!!!

Ok guys so i have been working on this now for about two months when i first recieved all my gear. i set it all up and finally got it flying, this was with the multiwii pro flight control board though. it flew ok but not the greatest i had a couple of hard crashes but nothing that i thought had any consequence. So i then decide to load megapirate following an online tutorial onto the board and then this is where my problems started. After load=ing the MP software i tested it and it appeared my quad was reciving the wrong signals, as it would only pitch back and roll left, but the yaw, pitch forward, and roll right seemed to be just going in whatever direction it choose, so i reloaded the Mul,tiwii software, went through a whole lot of reprgramming and tuning aswell as calibrating and stil the same problem, i assumed my board had malfunctioned so i sent it back to HK. Now i have recived the KK2 board connected it up and im still having the same problem as i did with the Multi Wii Pro board, this beong that the pitch back and roll left work but the pitch forward input makes the quad roll right , the roll right makes it tip on the front left axis, and the yaw seems to just want to flip the quad ?? I really need some help as im out of ideas?? could it possibly be esc's playing up ??


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
#1. Are you absolutely CERTAIN that each motor / esc pair is plugged into the CORRECT location? Make sure and trace each wire.

#2. Once each motor / ESC pair is connected correctly then make sure to follow the KK2 setup guide (leveling and esc calibration).