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QX7 setup menu page 6


Active member
I bought a Taranis Qx7 .
when i hold down the menu button (brings up the setup menu) then go to page 6 (switches)
It says RE and a number .
Anyone know what this is and what the default value is?
as i by accident changed the number not knowing what it was doing.
Tried to find out what this setting is for but no luck.


Elite member
not sure what its for never seen it myself ...till now !
had mine for around a year now with over 40 models set up ...so the number may not be a default ,mine is at RE 8...
it may not be much help ...have you checked OTXU (open tx university)may have info there !!


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maybe have a read through this TQ7 - I have a Jumper t16 which is similar - are you talking about the logical switches?
I have turned the tx off and on and re value is now 0 so still not sure what it is for (Can not see any mention of this screen in the manual).
But seems to be fine .

How are you finding the T16 ?

My QX7 is my first ever Taranis (only got it yesterday)
I have Changed the mode and flashed it with the latest version of open tx . Added the amber sound pack and made a custom splash screen.
Can't wait to give it a try this weekend.
I also got the jumper 4 in 1 module so i can use my cheap DSM2 Knockoff receivers as i have quite a few.
I have to admit it's a bit daunting trying to setup a model in open tx when compared to my old faithful ORX T6 and my T6i (Both have Served me really well).


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I had the same learning curve with Open TX, once you get how the workflow is designed it becomes easier. The OpenTX Companion’s set up wizard is useful for doing quick set ups vs using just the screen.
Once you get your head around it you won’t want to go back to a closed TX system again.
Be sure to double check obvious things like servo direction when moving models across from the old TX. You don’ t have to change the channel order either to run DSMX/DSM2 as OpenTX converts it for you now.


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Did your T16 change the channel order for Spektrum? Another poster reports Aileron and throttle reversed when bound in DSMX.