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Range on Bixler v1.1 ?

Im new and just ordered the Bixler v1.1 flying is fun but ive lost powere and kindaa scardeed to fly her at distance in fear of losing any question is RANGE? Thanks:D

ps also if you can tell me what the BIND TEST button on lower left side is sbout , much appreciated
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Hostage Taker of Quads

Seems you might soon be the expert in the Bixler branded transmitter (since no one else is answering).

Don't have one of these and the docs appear to be non-existent, but perhaps I can help you figure it out? The bind/test button *probably* runs double duty as a bind button (bind a receiver to a transmitter) and a range test button.

The range test feature temporarily weakens your transmitter by a constant amount. This allows you to take 30 or so paces away from your plane to see if your your receiver is working properly (as if you were a LONG way away from your plane, not 30 paces).

Now how far is "a long way away"? dunno, but you can find out!

Go out to a deserted straight road, have a flying buddy/significant other/passing stranger hold the plane while you drive 0.1mi in your car and and via cell phone (hands free, please) see if your transmitter still works. 0.2? 0.3? each of these is an extra 520ft.

Also, when it cuts out, step out and look at the size of the plane. Don't ever let the plane get that small, and you should stay in range.

(Alternatively, if you need someone else to drive, you can stand on the side of the road and put the plane in the car. keep jiggling the ailerons, and when the driver hears the plane stop moving, they stop, read the mileage and hold the plane for you to see)

if you get a chance to test it, let us know how it went (since you're now the expert ;) )