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Help! Ranger 1600 thrust question

Hi! First time building/flying a pusher style plane. I got a Volantex Ranger 1600 (planning on FPV'ing it!), and I have put it all together and wired it up.
When I held the plane in a hand launch position, and gave it throttle, the nose wanted to angle down pretty aggressively. Is that normal for this configuration of aircraft? Will it self correct (within reason), or will it require a lightning quick stab of up elevator?
Just trying to figure out what to expect on the maiden; don't want to put it down for a dirt nap right off the bat!
Thanks in advance,


Old and Bold RC PILOT
If you are holding the plane below the motor thrust line it will always appear to want to nose down as you apply full throttle. The point where you are holding it becomes the pivot for all applied forces.

Better to give half throttle and just throw it. stabilise the launch and then open the throttle and climb away. If you are able to hold it inline with the motor thrust angle then the throttle setting is not much of a concern.

Have fun!
Thank you for the very informative response! Makes a lot of sense when it's explained that way.
Just wanted to make sure I didn't have something wrong in the building or setup.