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RC designing

I think that flite test does an awesome job of making topics understandable for the newbie. That said I would love to see a video or post on how to design your own scratch build. I've looked through a lot of different you-tube videos and google search results and am having trouble understanding it.


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Hey AJ,

Moving new and old model pilots to progress through kit and plan building to scratch building to refined design has been a focus for the FT team (and community) for a long time now, but as you're probably seeing, there's a LOT of little things in moving from crazy idea to a refined design. While I expect FT videos will continue to cover specific topics from time to time, covering "Design" is a bit of a broad category, and won't exactly fit into a 30 min spot . . . or even a reasonable number of 30 minute spots.

. . . but . . .

You've wandered over to an "interactive" portion of FT. You can ask the computer screen as the YT video plays all the questions you like, but odds are Josh isn't going to tailor his answers to it . . . but here you've stumbled on a fairly active community filled with people of all levels of skill, quite a few who are more than willing to mentor a new designer!

So . . . What are you having trouble with?

(BTW, Welcome to the forum :) )


Flite is good
Welcome to the forums. There are several articles in the Articles section of this site that approach this topic from several angles and using different techniques.

Here is an article that is pretty helpful.


There are several other articles from Nerdnic that are pretty good.



I hope those help. If you are looking for different information, let us know.