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RC Microlight/Ultralight trike scratchbuild

Hi all! My father and I've always loved microlights. He's a doctor but this is his hobby. We've been flying rc for around seven years now. Before that he used to fly control line and freeflight. This microlight's nothing very fancy, three channel control. It'snot exactly a true microlight. We tried making one with a weight shift mechanism but it didn't quite work out too well. So he came up with this design. I'll post pics later.

The wing's also scratchbuilt. Aluminium tubes and some kind of nylon sheet, as we don't get ripstop here. Dad's made another wing, this one's folding, and made of carbon fiber. It flies a fair bit better.
As for the landing, it approaches really nice, but at this field, the ground is way too bumpy, the small wheels cant cope, and it almost always tips over :)

Haha! Now that you say it, it does look like a school bus XD
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