1. R

    Help! what motor to use in this plane

    I need help with a clipped wing Mono coup balsa and covered no foam weight empty 1.5 LB's 36 " wing what size prop and motor can I use with a 3S 1300 lipo battery ? I wanted to use the maximum amount of power that I can. I do not want a floater?
  2. Dr. Looping Looie

    Start UP! - a FREE 3D printable airplane

    I am currently designing a beginner friendly 3D pritable airplane. It can be printed from PLA and lightweight PLA. You can already download a few parts, and when I finish new parts, I will add them. That way, you will have a new plane by christmas. Think of it like some kind of advent calendar...
  3. B98934C2-AC51-41D6-8069-EE3885879F25.jpeg


    My “Big Bravo” ready to go!
  4. Mid7night

    Plane XF YELLOW JACKET! v4

    Here it is, in all its slender sleekness: The Yellow Jacket! Designed as a successor to the "Angry Bee" and "Turbo Bee" experiments, in the vein of the FT Super Bee: It's a twin-motor ROCKETSHIP! This is the basic power setup, and you can choose to fly on anything from a 3S to 6S, depending...
  5. Pigfarm1403

    Low-wing Python scratchbuild

    -Inspiration So after finally sorting through all of my stuff from flitefest ohio I was inspired by the clean workspace and organized parts to design my first plane. I have a couple of year of building and I have done a variety of giant builds but I would hardly call those "designs". Some of...
  6. philgabanski

    New to this Video thing! My first on board video from my SU-34 Propjet!

    Hey all, This is my first on board video on my SU-34, was a little worried that the camera wouldn't stay on so I stuck with low rates. Camera stayed on fine luckily!
  7. D

    Obscure Brand of ESC - Throttle Calibration

    Has anyone had any experience with ESC's like the one in the above photo? I can't find any documentation for them and they don't seem to adhere to the usual throttle calibration process of signalling max throttle, plugging into the battery, then signalling the lowest value. Any help would be...
  8. D

    Blunt Nose Versa Wing: Did I Choose the Right Motor for SPEEEEED?

    Hi, All! So, I'm hoping I picked a good motor that will give me sick speed on my Blunt Nose Versa Wing build, now in progress. I'll be running a 4s 2250 LiPo, 60A BL Heli ESC, and a SunnySky 2820-6 / 920 KV. I know the KV is a bit low, but here's the stats on an APC 11x8 prop (which I know is...
  9. R

    Rc Plane with highest Payload

    I am going to build a plane not larger than 1 meter having HIGHEST PAYLOAD with good speed. I am going to use One motor. I want to know which plane among Flite Test Scrach Builds is having highest Payload.(or highest payload factor)? & thanks in advance.
  10. M

    Share your flitetest versa wing setup (aka specs)

    What is your setup for the Flite test versa wing? (especially intressted in servos) so i made a Flite test versa wing a while ago and started as a tractor, wasnt very impressed so moved to a pusher with 200 watts of power. Was very impressed. I did not have enough up elevator tho... Today i...
  11. Habakkukk

    Ft Racer powered by NTM EF1 pylon motor on 4s

    Hello! I'm new to Flite Test forums and really to the hobby in general(began flying back in February). I saw a thread a couple weeks ago asking about a good 4s setup for the ft racer and the NTM ef1 from hobby king came up. Well as it happens, about a month ago I mounted one to my own ft racer...
  12. S

    FT Viggen max speed? Does anybody know?

    Hey everyone, So, I was wondering, what is the max speed of the FT Viggen? Maybe somebody knows or has a general idea? 60 mph? 70 mph? 80 mph? If you know, you can also say it in km/h of course. Is the Viggen the fastest FT plane? Or is the Racer ( Rip Slinger ) faster? Thanks in advance...
  13. Y

    Building challenge: who can build the fastest Quad

    They would have a build challenge with homemade frame and handpicked parts. They would then put A GPS module and record max horizontal speed and vertical speeds. I guess ideal size would be 200-400? What do you all think?:cool:
  14. G

    german speed demon

    Hey i love ww2 planes and saw a German plane that had one pusher and one puller prop. counter rotating to counter act the spin. this made the plane extremely fast. I'm wondering if you could design a plane that uses that same Technic to achieve extreme speed.
  15. Techno

    Foamboard Shrike

    Hello. I'm building a Shrike from out of an free-bee issue of Flying Models Magazine but out of foam. So far the scaling up from an Ultra-Micro setup has been great. However, I have one Question: <<<:confused:This is a speed plane, Should I build it with a full airfoil, or would a flat foil...
  16. jsut210

    FT Racer (Slinger) Power System

    So, I'm planning on building a FT Slinger soon. I chose this one because I want to go fast :cool:. When I say I want to go fast I want to be able to really scream across the sky. So I was looking into what prop-motor-esc-battery to use in it. I'm thinking around a 9inch with a high pitch for...
  17. G

    My Take on the 100 MPH for <$100 Challenge

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum, and I'd like to share a project I just began last night. I am relatively new to electric models, so take everything below with a grain of salt! I was inspired by the Flight Test video "100 MPH for under $100.00", and the concept of a cheap speed...