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RCEFF - Rams Club Electric Flight Festival Aug 22-24 East Bend, NC


Senior Member
Just wanted to see if anyone else from here was attending. I am pretty excited about going to my first event. I have been gathering all of my camping gear and stuff together for about two weeks (been very busy with work).

I wont have a ton of stuff to fly but it should be a lot of fun.

I rebuilt my rotor bones quad so it was lighter.
Fixed one power pod to use with my FT-Flyer, Nutball and two Delta's (Delta's have not been flown yet).

I also finished up three V2BloodyWonders and three extra power pods, one with a 3-D combo motor and two with 1300kV NTM motors. I won't have time to test fly the BloodyWonders unless something changes today.

I am assuming that I should go to the lowest hole in my control horns for the BloodyWonders? I am in the middle and the throw is very extreme, I would have to crank the weight way down (below 60%) to get the throws to 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch and I am afraid I am losing to much resolution.