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Pumpkin drop event

Red Bull Air Race Challenge!


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Just wanted to pop in here and say THANK YOU for all your hard work and effort in this competition!! YOU ALL CRUSHED IT!! from entry number 1- to the last entry... all the planes were so inspiring and well done! We have the best community in the WORLD!
Just posted on our FB and our INSTA with this pic! Congratulations to all the winners and for just being Awesome!

Redbull air race competition winners! 🤗
1: Grand prize: hamish mclagan(RB H-1 Racer)
2: Damian Cunningham: (RB Bull Rider!)
3: David Rosenthal: (RB Vee-Tail Racer!)
4: Mike Robey: (RB Retro Racer!)

Blessings and see some of you soon hopefully!
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Wow just woke up and found this! Thanks guys.
Was not expecting that this morning!
Didn't envy you having to judge this Stefan. Any and every one of the entrants could have taken this. We all did such different things.