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[Suggestion] Add a "confirm password" field to the register page


New member
Hello! Looks like my first post here will be to suggest that a "confirm password" field be added to the register page.

How can this help? Scenario: Someone wants to sign up quickly, so they type in a password as fast as they can, so that they can start posting and commenting asap! Result: They made a typo when signing up, making them have to go through the "forgot password" process.

This can also happen when you have a bunch of things around your keyboard cause you're messy, like I am, and one or two key presses are not fully registered. Making you believe that you correctly typed in your password, but as far as your computer can tell, you didn't.

As I have not had to do it yet, I do not know if when creating a new password also has just one "new password" field. If so, adding a "confirm password" field there would be good too!

Thank you for reading!