Renard R-38, Belgian fighter


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Ive was searching around, and on a site they called out the most nicest ww2 planes.....the Belgian Renard R-38 won!
It was made 3 prototypes with three different motorversions, the Hispano-Suiza , a Wright radial and a Rolls Merlin.
Tester called it a dream to fly, and "of course" this was in my alley, make one!

They made a earlier model R-36 who was quite similar too, but a much underpowered motoramd as soon the Germans came in WWII , tthey was all confiscated, and nobody know what happend to them.

I decied make it as approx 970mm wingspan, electric retracts eg.

(Quite a loss of building pictures, my mobilphone died totally and also the pics disappeared, but get a new one now. )

Renard 36.jpg
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