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Rf9 with flyski

Alright guys. Does anyone have any experience with the fly sky fs-i6x? Works for my planes just fine I’m trying to get it to communicate properly with real Flite 9. Of course there isn’t a option under controllers for flysky. I have the correct driver for the interface. I just can’t seem to get the sticks to calibrate correctly. And have verry little control one way but have full stick the other. Hope this makes since. Also a beginner here so go easy on me also it seems to work just fine with the clear view free simulator
I'm going to revive this... Where the heck can I find drivers for FS-i6x. I bought the dongle but the website they referenced in the packaging doesn't exist.


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sorry for the late reply ...that one is fine ! you will need to goto controller setup in phoenix and go through the options till it sees the dongle connected to your pc ...hope that helps !!
I got one similar to that. It only seems to work with the four stick channels and they're mapped 1236 or something weird. I was only able to calibrate them in the Windows dialog, not RF9, because RF9 doesn't let you calibrate less than 6 channels or something. YMMV.
So anyone had specific luck with Realflight and Flysky? I have the sim cable and it works with RC Desk Pilot but not working with RF.
Took me a couple hours to finally tweak it enough to work right.
First I had to go into the flysky settings and turn on all the switches, and up the channel number to the full 10 channels, then I had to go to the switch setting and assign them to some channel... what channel doesn't matter because they will change again in RF.

After that, do to the RF9 controller setup and choose some control mapping... again it doesn't matter which you choose because you will save it as a custom setting as the last step.
Before doing anything else, calibrate the controller... don't worry if it doesn't seem to operate all channels in the calibration. For some reason, RF9 seems to see channels you cant access...
Click finish on calibration after you have operated every switch, knob, and joy stick.
It may give you a warning that you didnt calibra5e all channels... just click finish anyway.
Now go to edit the button and switch mapping. Click the axis location next to each of the flight options and operate those knobs first.
Then in the same fashion assign the switches and knows to channels.
In RF9, channel 6 needs to be a knob, which is up to you, or some features won't work right.
Channel 8 needs to be the 3 position switch or the modes on the planes won't switch. Set that switch up as "proportional" or it won't work properly.
After that, your ready to fly. Trim switched dont seem to work and can't be programmed. Menu and reset buttons don't work on the controller unless you map some of the actual switches to do that. I mapped the reset on mine to switch A, the rest I just do from the keyboard.

Now setting it up to work wirless... that is a whole other ball game... but I figured that out too if anyone is interested.