R. A. "Bob" Hoover Tribute Challenge


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My 2 year old and I have watched this movie a few dozen times now (he likes airplanes too :D), and I still don't think I can grasp just how incredible this man was. He had such an amazing life that just one of his stories from one day would be the story of a lifetime to almost anybody else if it happened to them. I won't attempt to tell any right now in this post, but that is all part of the thread if you want to. You could build a plane that he flew, or perform a whole airshow! Anything goes and there is no winner or time limit. However, it would be cool to have something for his 100th birthday on Jan. 24, 2022. I just saw while looking for the video above that Flitetest made a Bob Hoover tribute challenge video in 2016. That was pretty cool, but don't think that is the only thing you can do. Whatever you come up with will be great, and we can all learn more about the man that even the best pilots call the greatest pilot of all time! And learn about the planes that he flew too!



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almost done with cub and spitfire should be a 1 day build so i would say expect a build log in about 3 days im gonna document this build a whole lot more than i did with the cub


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Happy R. A. "Bob" Hoover day everybody! He would be 100 today.
I was just watching this and cracking up at him being 18 and showing his instructors how to do 16 point rolls in a Stearman:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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So I didnt get this painted yet but this is my little Ole Yeller. I made the gear so its just velcroed on (Thanks @SSgt Duramax ) so after some practice I can kinda replicate his forced one wheel landing. He did a lot of one wheel touch and gos for show but it was kind of born out necessity, being a test pilot, he did have to do it to get down safely.
This was supposed to be a super simple build but I got in my own way from start to finish making things harder than they should be for very little reason.
Heres a cool video of him flying Ole Yeller.
And the forced one wheel landing is at about 23:30 in this one.