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RTF gimbal not working

RTF gimbal not working? HELP!?

Hello, I just received RTF quads RTF gimbal that I bought. When I plug in my 3s battery nothing happens, three lights come on a solid blue, a solid red, and then a little flashing green. This is my first gimbal so I'm kinda lost here. Any idea on why it isn't working? Thanks!
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Post some pictures and details about how you have it wired.
Give us the model number or a link and find the user guide.
I trust you have RTFM (read the fine manual).
I recently got a self contained 2 axis gimbal by Feiyu Tech from GetFPV. It only requires power.
It sits for 10seconds calibrating and then stabilizes.
I think you are supposed to start it with the camera installed (GoPro?) for proper balance.
It seems that your LEDs are a good sign. You need to figure out what they are telling you.

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i just got done watching a gimbal video.. and the two things that pop to my mind.. which i assume are the same for all. you have to have the camera mounted. and also, you have to make sure the gimbal stays steady so it can arm.

id read the fine manule and see what the LED are telling you and go from there.