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Say Hi!

Hi, my name is Dan, I'm from Laval, Quebec and been in RC for about 15 years.
I have a few onroad cars and offroad trucks(electric and nitro). Last summer I bought a Blade MSRX and love it's really fun to fly.
Last week while surfing the net, I came across a flite test video and it made me want to try to build my own first plane.
I still haven't decided on which one I want to build, but the FT Versa wing is kinda talking to me! :)


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Robin, congratulations on your country's big win. I still don't know the difference between quick and regular replies. I'm not sure if I care either. Maybe when I find out that might change.

Brian, I know too well the separation between desire and doing which always consists of time and/or money. Minnesota is a nice state though. I used to go up and visit just north of Mille Lacs Lake.

Alpha, Hotel echo lima lima oscar.

Dan, I got the mSr(eks) 2 years ago as a present and enjoy it a lot too. I also want to build a wing but hardly have the time to do much so I live vicariously through others posts. Someday.

Welcome to the forum.
PS. (my (eks) key is not working so if I can't cut and paste one in I just resort to alternate spelling. There's something else I get to fiks instead of flying.
Hi everyone. TJ here. A little background about myself; just getting back into the R/C hobby thanks to FliteTest of coarse. I was bored one day back in June (2014) and was searching for remote operated airsoft guns when I stumbled on the Kraken video where they did just that. Thought it was pretty cool and started snooping around the FT YouTube channel a couple of days. I was fascinated by FPV flight and all of the multi-copters. Decided to take the plunge when I was down in CA for a visit and picked up a Nano QX to learn the art of multi-copters. Currently have a ElectroHub kit at the house; plan on buying all the other components over the next few months.

My R/C experience stems 10 years back, I used to fly Glow fuel fixed wing with my grandfather. We were full AMA members of the PropBusters club in Salem, CT. Got out of the hobby for a while, but now I'm coming back into it full swing.

My wife and I are active duty Coast Guard so we get to move around a lot, hopefully at some point I will get to fly with fellow FT fans!
Hello. Big fan of FT and staying in the hobby for a low cost. Crashing new planes and trying to fix them was getting very frustrating. It was a big sigh of relief when I found FT and videos teaching how to scratchbuild with very inexpensive materials. I have built a few FT flyers and a couple Dusters. I am also getting my son in the hobby and hope to get him into scratchbuilding. I had him help with his FT flyer. Thank you to Flite Test as I am addicted to this hobby. Love the videos and the podcasts!
Hi! Im Fred. I like frogs and RC flying a lot. I love origami. I'm just getting into the hobby, I have a FMS trainer and thats it. It's very fun to fly. Colorex, I bet you can't wait to get into the hobby!
Hello my name is John,
Im a newbie to the real hobby grade rc flight world. I have a couple rc offroad trucks a bunch of busted coaxials and a busted hubsan x4 were among my beginner items. I then picked up a blade nano qx after breaking the hubsan and got alot better at flying quadcopters with this little gem. After that i decided it was time to go for a build my own quad project and ended up with a hoverthings flip pro-g awitha naza v2 with gps love this thing. then i picked up a bnf turnigy 450 clone quadcopter as a beater. Now im moving into the rc airplane area as i like the way they handle in the air Bix3 incoming soon, also looking to get a night vapor in the future as winter is nearly here and flyable days may be gone soon. Been following flitetest since the beginning but finally decided to join the forums and share my experiences as i progress into the hobby.
Hello Everyone and special thanks to Josh & Josh

Hi Folks,

I came across Flite Test on you tube with no idea that I wanted to fly RC, That I could afford to fly RC or had a hope of building something that would fly!.

The beginner series got me a little hooked I sat there and watched them all, the presentation was so interesting and friendly that, just for fun I costed the project of building a Nutball.

Now I am a veteran of 6 weeks and last night I built the FT Flyer and upgraded from my Nutball, just got back from burning through 2 batteries no crash and 2 loop the loops! It was amazing.

The hobby has released my inner nerd and I'm really enjoying learning about all aspects of flying and the incredible variety of options out there. At 44 Years ugly I didn't think I would have such an interest in something completely new again but I do.

My only issue now is a small house and a wife asking me where I'm going to keep all the planes and asking about the big score marks in the top of the dining room table. Lucky she loves me.

Thanks again to everyone at Flite Test please keep it up.

BTW just ordered a Teksumo will tell my good lady wife at some stage......
FT Flyer.jpg Nutball.jpg
Hi all,

Tom, 34 yr old, from Paris,France. Big Fan of Flite Test since I discover them beginning of last year !
I fly a MPX Twinstar2 FPV since 2 years, and a David's Tricopter v2.5 since last year.

Few experiences with fuel RC planes in my 10's and 20's, I came bak to RC flying with the great involvment in EPP materials, electric motors, and FPV videos of the team BlackSheep ! Love this hobby !
My wife is upset everytime we need to find a place in the car (2kids too) to bring my plane and trico each time going to holidays :p

Now i'm on the way to build a ZMR 250 carbon quad, and i'm very excited about it :D

And after that I plan to build a FT Duster with my boys to give them taste for this hobby (my big boy of 5yr already loves watching in goggles when FPVing)
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Hey, 23 year old art student from Florida / Georgia. I was into R/C a few years back with electric cars, and recently got into flying multirotors. Just built my batbone yesterday/today with a friend who's been into helis and now multirotors. It's a pretty big jump from nano QX to trirotor...

Flite Test got both of us into the hobby. Hoping to learn a lot and share my future FPV experiences with you guys on these forums. Nice to meet y'all!


Hello everyone!

I'm John and I have been flying RC planes since February. I only fly ultra micros because I only have a small field in the neighborhood and the street in front of my house to fly in. I am going to get into floatplanes soon due to the large body of water behind my house.

I would call myself an advanced beginner: I know nearly everything. Now, I just need some more experience!

I always look forward to FliteTest videos, too.

flying newbie

I've been racing rc car for 19 years,and looking for some thing new. Luckily I have a rc airfield by my house,and one of member's there buddy boxed one of his planes to let me fly it, and I'm hooked.Thanks Bert if you get on this forum.

Just order a blade nano qx to learn how to fly,my goal is to fly fpv quadcopter racing.Saw some video on YouTube looks like a blast. Kwad-Web (1).jpg this is what I plan to buy when I feel like I can control it without hurting myself and others.lol

Also i want to thanks the guy at flite test,your videos have been very helpful and I have learned a lot just from watching the show. And when I get closer to start my Kwad multirotor build I will have a lot of questions,and will appreciate your help.

Thanks again to flite test,
Hello all!

I'm Keith and just getting into the RC plane addiction (two weeks in and I've binged on ~100 videos so far). I'm wanting to get into RC planes for a couple of reasons: 1) I've been an avid scale modeler for a good number of years so this seems like a natural extension of that interest for me 2) at some point I'd like to share this hobby with my son (he's 1, so I've got some time) and 3) its a bonding experience for my father-in-law and I (he's Air Guard Reserve and he loves anything plane related). Technically, I haven't even bought my first plane yet but I'm contemplating either the Storch or the Old Fogey (always open to other suggestions). Josh and Josh do a great job presenting information (Beginner's Series is fabulous) and do a great job in making the hobby less intimidating (hence I'm on the forum). Spring flying season can't get here soon enough!


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Hello guys

Am I the first brazilian guy here?

My name is Fábio (fabinho is a nickname), I´m 25 years old and I´ve been flying for at least 6 years; but just with my friends´ airplanes. Since last year I´m flying with my own planes.

These days I´m working to build my FT RACER.

I´m here to learn more about building techniques and to improve my english.

See ya!


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I like to peek in from time to time and say hi back to those who've posted here.

Howdy y'all and welcome to the friendliest flight forum on Earth.

GM, How's the Electrohub Multirotor coming along. Hopefully better than mine. Thank you for your service.

Joe, Flying RC is way fun but being aboe to do it with family is irreplaceable. I'm pleased to another father & son in it.

Fred, I'd be curious to see a scratchbuilt origami flyer. That would be different.

John, Did your Bix3 arrive? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.

Greasy, I'm working on a Snowball with my niece. Are you converting your for the winter?

Hi Nate.

Bienvenu Tom. J'ai ètè en France il y a plus que presque 30 ans.

Doom, Batbone tricopter looks nice. How's it fly?

John, Everytime I see glassy water, especially with the thin hazy fog above it, I always think how nice it'd be to do touch and go's of it.

Brent, Nice quad pic. Your or a pic of another?

Keith, Again, gotta love this hobby with the family. It's been a nice platform for bonding family and friends.

Fabinho, Bem-vindo.

As we approach the holidays I would like to wish you all special time with family and friend as we celebrate such a meaningful time. Merry Christmas!



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I found this website while searching Youtube for R/C plane building techniques, particularly surrounding hot wire wing cutting using the the insulation foam (pink or blue XPS).

I have been flying R/C planes on and off since the 80's but the only subject I'd admit to being an expert on is how to turn a plane into an exciting "earth drill" ^_^

THIS SITE IS AWESOME! The folks who put together these videos, forums, and podcasts have done a fantastic job. I will be supporting this as much as I possibly can. I just bought ten sheets of the Dollar Tree foam board and plan to get started on my first foam plane build this week.

Thanks again to the Flite Test team for all you do to further the hobby!!!



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Hotwire, it's something I've done a little with mixed satisfaction. Have you built any yet?

The guys who run ths are really good guys and they have attracted an excellent core group of supporters over the few years they've been doing this. I'm not sure how much you are aware of but there is the forum here, the video sows, the podcasts, and just this year they had their first invitational "Flite Fest". They get arond to other events as well. Additionally there is a 10 episode drama series, Rotor DR1, that you might find entertaining.

Welcome to the forum Sean.


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Noooooooooooooo ! she said

Wife walked in last night and found me folding up a DTFB wing. Actually it was her fault. She picked me up Sky Surfer rtf after christmas. I think she's trying to get me out of the house more often. Good woman learned to fit some of my better scale planes into her home decor over the years. Can't get much better than that. Got my new first generation 4 channel MRC radio in 1968 ($400+ then). Stick/scratch builder at heart. 20 plus years Army NCO (Vietnam to Desert Storm) and an equal number managing hobby shops. Haven't flown rc in over 15 years. Got one real good flight on the Sky Surfer and managed to dig a divet on the second flight. Repaired and waiting for weather. Found Test Flite and fell in love with the hobby all over again. Am using the basic storch design for my planes with a 2 sheet 60 inch wingspan as my preferred size. I like semi scale aircraft and should have my DH2 Beaver rendition built in the next few days. Also like the old free flight birds like the Buzzard Bombshell and 2 and 3 meter sailplanes. The speed of building is amazing and the cost can't be beat. Battery and radio technology has improved beyond belief and my understanding. Reading and learning like a mad man. The motors blow me away. Wish their was an industry wide standard for identifying the differences. Just going to buy a few different sizes of motors, props and esc's and figure out what does what. Primarily used Futaba and Hitec radios but I see a new Spektrum 7 or 8 channel rig in my future. I have however been bothered by many of the vidios I see of people flying on the street in front of their house and over traffic and neighbors. Nothing worse for the hobby; and the FAA would love to bring us down. It's unsafe and could be very expensive to some folks law suit wise. These foamies are great. Find a playground, a field or something. Have three local AMA chartered fields in the area but they aren't too receptive to these type of planes. Wish the flight test guys would offer full size plans, folded and mailed as I am not computer savvy. I would gladly pay a fair price for same. Enough rambling on my part. Remember that a trash bag is part of your flight gear.


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I like your detailed intro. Hoping to move to the northeast area of NC. Welcome to the Forum Alan and thank you for your dedicated service.