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Scratch Building SkySurfer

Hey guys, I'm Suvansh
I have been working on a skysurfer, totally scratch built, designed in sketchup.
the wing span of the plane 1500mm, the plane was actually designed for 8mm foam board as the one which you guys use(4mm) isnt available here(where I live), and the foam board is a lot different, it has no paper lamination on the sides, its called compressed thermocol or styrofoam.
The idea for building a skysurfer was to get new guys into the hobby cheaply, and so that you never have to leave your electronics in the plane itself, all the electronics including the motor are installed once the plane is ready, the only thing which is glued permanently in the fuselage is the motor mount.
The skysurfer or the bixler is one of the best plane to get into this hobby so I went with this plane. The scratch built plane flies exceptionally well, glides like it should, can do aerobatics such as rolling harrier, inverted, loops, figure 8, hammer head, these are the stunts which I personally did on the plane itself (the built video and the flying video will be released soon).
The plane doesnt has any bad tendency of stalling.
The plane only consists of some formers and one hollow aluminium spar of diameter 8mm and length 102cm.
Here are some links for the flying video.
The plane's plans will be released soon, will be free of-course with the built video.
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