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Searching for a Taranis Q X7 or FRSKY XJT at Flitefest West


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Hey Flitetest-friends:)

I am visiting Flitefest West this year. I am superexcited but I have one little problem. I am from germany and need to bring a lot of stuff for a camping trip that I am doing after flitefest. And since I wanted to either upgrade my Transmitter module from a FRSKY DJT to a FRSKY XJT or even buy a taranis Q X7 I thought I give it a try here:)

So, I would like to buy a Taranis Q-X7 (preferred) or a XJT Module by FRSKY at flitefest west. So if anybody is going there and has one of the mentioned above, I would be happy to buy:)


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David at Aloft has replied to me that they will be there.

I hope they have a fantastic weekend and given their fine reputation and my experiences with them, I suspect they will. Aloft is hard to match for value IMO.

I do better flying solo. FliteFest is a bit out of my reach. :)


Faster than a speeding faceplant!
It's about 100 miles.

FliteFest is out of my reach due to my own disability which is why I fly solo. I am humbled by your offer but I must decline.