Server error and solar request


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First of all, I tried to use the 'search...' and put in the keyword 'solar' and it said 'Oops, we ran into problems' -- seems to be a server error.

That said, how cool would it be if there was a 'beginner series' solar implementation on a fixed wing? What parts are needed, how to balance between batteries and solar panels, etc?
All too often, I would see youtube videos of solar rc planes, but either the circuitry is too complicated for me to understand or it was part of the FPV crowd. I am not at that level of sophistication -- I just want a basic plane with basic solar panels but with enough 'smarts' to allow receivers and motors to draw from (mostly) the solar panels and draw from batteries as needed.

If there is a thread relating to this and it explains in a 'solars for dummies' style, post a link in this thread! Thanks.


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Having a "beginners series" for something like this would be difficult, as you're talking about a complicated subject that requires a decent knowledge of electronics and components.. I would suggest you do some serious googling to understand solar panels, solar chargers, and battery chargers to get a baseline knowledge of what's going on. From there feel free to ask questions in your thread here!