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Servos: Schrott or not

Hello fellow human beings,

after my Banggood Pterosaur 1400 PNP crashed this week, I'm now looking for servo recommendations in the 9-12 gram class. The potentiometer gave a wrong signal, then the servo let the rudder deflect fully and it went into the death spiral.

I have already watched HobbyKing but even the HobbyKing ™ HK-933MG is not available any more than the Corona servos and the like with MG gearbox.

Lindinger has the Spektrum MG servos, but they cost significantly more. Are they worth the extra charge?

The Original Tower mg90S don't seem to be available anywhere.

Which MG servos in the 9-12 gram class can you recommend and which have you had bad experiences?

Btw: I am from Germany.



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Like I said above so far for me they have been good and for the price even if I get a bad one big deal. Glad you like them, they are what I am starting to use in my combat planes as the plastic ones get striped the metal gears are nice.
I hit a pylon doing about 80 mph and the servos are fine! They didn't center well for the first 4 flights, but it was like they broke in and now they stay centered