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Wake up! Time to fly!
Sadly I won't be able to test them for a while.. Next ten days is scheduled rain and winds. Maybe I will clean up the projects I have spread all over the place and set up a small course in my tiny place to try them and find out how well my Gremlin tune really is.

This set is a great deal and I think FT should look into them to sell on the store. Maybe do a Gremlin and Gates bundle or something.

Gremgates 1.jpg

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Not so cheery as before...

On Oct. 20 I made 3 orders. The 1st through Horizon, the 2nd through Hobby King, and the 3rd minutes later just past midnight was to the FT Store.

1st to arrive was... Flite Test and theirs had the most weight (a Twin C pack and a few other items). What a delight to come home from work and see that on the porch. Unfortunately the LiPo pouch was missing so I contacted the store, Jen emailed back that it would be shipped.

2nd to arrive was... Flite Test again with the bag that was missing. Way to go FT Team!

Not a thing yet from HH or HK which is unexpected. Today is Saturday and the mail hasn't arrived yet. Maybe today will be the day.

3rd to arrive was....
Hobby King. The order arrived today, 24 days after ordering. I'm not sure why one could be so unbelievably fast and this so disappointingly slow.:( Maybe I should have included some volatile batteries as before when I got everything in from Hong Kong in less than a week. What's worse, the parts I ordered don't fit what I wanted them for.:mad: I ordered mounting pieces for my tricopter booms and it seems I ordered parts that are a couple mm too big. My fault. Maybe I can make it work with some heat shrink to increase the diameter. We'll see. The landing skids for the heli also came in.:) As for Horizon Hobby, it would seem I hesitated a bit too much as what I ordered was back ordered right after I hit purchase (even though they sent me an email saying their stock had been replenished).:mad: So this chapter in Cheers and Jeers is looking less favorable for our beloved HH crew.
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