Shitty european cardboard FT Flyer!


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Hi Guys

Recently i got a new smart tv, witch by the way is awesome, and since I, like most european people, have no good source for cheap building materials i decided to build an FT flyer from the smart tv cardboard box.

It weighted in at about 410g, but i had to put a 1800mAh battery on to balance it out, resulting in a flying weight at 570g witch again resulted in a pretty touchy maiden and two broken props.:black_eyed:

I tried to put in 30% expo witch helped a bit, but the result was the same.

Do you guys have some ideas to make it more stable or is it mission impossible because of the weight?:confused:

Pura vida


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That's actually looking pretty good! What's it doing in the air? I'm guessing it's pitching a lot based on your description that 30% expo helps? Maybe add some lower rates and up the expo?

Where is your CG? Maybe move the CG back and forth to find a sweet spot for how it will fly? You can try test throwing it without it being powered up, but with the battery, props, etc all mounted. I tend to throw it into a bed with lots of pillows.


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Awesome! It's like you have a crazy paint scheme built in to your desgin, and man those wheels are small. You could try adding some dual rates as well as more expo. Is your issue with lift or just sensitive controls? If its lift you could try a bigger prop is possible, or a bigger motor or smaller size battery.