1. C

    Rc aerobatic plane discussion on wings

    Hi there...i have a fear that my first plane won't be what i expect...i want to ask if this type of wing will be Good enough to do aerobatics with a body like this ( needs to be scaled by 2 ). I'll be posting pics of my half completed wing and design chord specifications---12 cm length,2.5 cm...
  2. Man O' War

    FW-190/A8 1:16 Model.

    The most incredible thing about this build is that the whole thing is built of 100% cardboard. If anyone has any questions, you can reply here, or e-mail me at: Credit: MiniacRC
  3. tesseract

    Help! How to scale down PDF plans

    How do you scale down PDF plans for planes?? I wanted to make a mini ShrubSmacker out of cardboard as a prototype, but I have no idea how to scale down plans. Thanks in advance, _________Planesandthings
  4. tesseract

    Solved *Solved

    I'm almost out of foam!! does anyone have plans that work with cardboard?? shipping times take till we all ded, so cardboard will have to do :) Thanx in advance!
  5. M

    Hi everybody!! Also tiny cardboard STEM Alpha

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. My father is really into the hobby and tried over years to get me in, sadly we havent been able to keep flying as laws here in Spain have got quite strict. Found out Flite Test and immediately wanted to get flying again. In fact, I got so excited I built myself a...
  6. W

    FPV Drone Made Of Cardboard

    Hi everybody, I'm a long time watcher of FliteTest, but this is my first time posting here. I wanted to share a project I recently completed - building an FPV freestyle/racing quad from cardboard and epoxy resin. I was very inspired by the FliteTest DIY philosophy and wanted to bring that vibe...
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  13. CatholicFlyer

    Two Plane Build Projects

    One is the Nieuport 24 The second is a plane from two paper towel cardboard rolls put together. In the first one I ask what RC Electronic engines and powerpack would make it fly like the real one and the second one, what powerpack if you did a build with the paper towel cardboard rolls, would...
  14. Z

    Trash Plane

    An Amazon box, paintsticks, chopsticks and hot glue, flies pretty well with interesting characteristics, able to fly fast and super slow, it can turn on a dime and spin to win, video of it flying to come in the future.
  15. M

    Can box plane

    2600 kv motor 4.1 4.1 propellor 2200mah battery Made from cardboard boxes in which drinks come in I have yet to test it, can it fly?
  16. T

    Turning a Cardboard cutout into a plane. Need help

    My class decided to make a cardboard cutout of an old teacher and thought it would be fun to make it into an rc airplane. I have made a few multirotors, but don't know alot about planes, so I need some help about how and if this would be possible. The cutout looks like this: Do you have any...
  17. CarboardKings


    Fun with cardboard in Bangkok. Hoping to fly these very soon.
  18. J

    Shitty european cardboard FT Flyer!

    Hi Guys Recently i got a new smart tv, witch by the way is awesome, and since I, like most european people, have no good source for cheap building materials i decided to build an FT flyer from the smart tv cardboard box. It weighted in at about 410g, but i had to put a 1800mAh battery on to...
  19. A

    "1 hour build" from cardboard to foam???? space shuttle Challenger!!!!!!

    Hi, today I would like to know if you want to see my cardboard space shuttle to be converted to foam and make it fly! please leave a comment if you want to see it fly :) or rate this article. See my full build of the Challenger here ...
  20. A

    "1 hour build" automatic elevator???!!!!!

    Hi, today my 1hour build will be "automatic elevator". You can use it for smoother turns without dropping your plane too mutch (thats the theory ) make your rudder with smooth moveing parts be sure that also your elevator has also smooth moving parts take some wire bend it put the...