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Help! Should i buy this?


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Nobody but you can answer that question. When looking at drones (or anything really) you need to evaluate what you'll be using it for, and then carefully read the specifications to see if a given product fits your usage profile. No one here can answer that question for you.


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If you want to get into sport quad flying not DJI autonomous photography then I would buy something else. The Eachine 013, with transmitter and basic box goggles can be bought for under €80 in a bundle. Those are a tiny whoop style camera equipped FPV drone and great fun to fly indoors.
If you want to fly race quads then that would be a good starter. The other option is to use the money to buy a good transmitter and then a simulator if you have a PC to run it on. The transmitter would allow you to buy a better drone later and the sim will teach you the basics of flying it without crashing a real and expensive drone.
If you want to do DJI style photography then you will need more than €80 to get anything useable.


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hello do you have any experience with quads if not. them the Eachine 013. is a good suggestion like FDS said. or you could try the https://eu.banggood.com/Wholesale-W...dcopter-RTF-wp-Eu-1066972.html?rmmds=category since you dont need a camera. i have a couple of eachine h8 mini and let me tell you i got hid by it because of the inverted flight controls as it comes towards you. buy spare props if you are new to quads. and a spare battery. have fun