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ShrubSmacker Release

I made a tail skid from a nylon cable clamp. Glued and screwed to the fuselage. Should be pretty durable. View attachment 182696
Came up with something similar for my Busch Trottel using a Ziptie. I used two pieces of 3/16” balsa and some craft sticks from Hobby Lobby. They look like tongue depressors, but they’re not. They are just the right thickness for doing this. The pictures are pretty much self explanatory. I decided to put the ends of a couple of BBQ skewers in the wood to strengthen the glue joint. More tips for foam board modelers at: https://foamboardflyers.com/



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Thanks to @SquirrelTail for naming the plane, and HUGE thanks to (in no particular order) @Beeblebrox @jpot1 @Stoobiedoo and @BATTLEAXE for building and providing feedback on the plane to make it as good as possible.
After seeing how many people have looked for a Mighty Mini sized FT Storch, Bushwacker, or a UMX Timber clone. I decided to take on a quick challenge to make a plane. The design flies really good without any bad tendencies, and can be built with one and a half sheets of foam. It is a fairly simple build and has a huge flight envelope. You can build it as a regular 4ch plane dial back the throws and use it as a step up from the 4ch Tiny Trainer, or you can build it with flaps and you'll have a STOL beast. With a removable wing it is the perfect plane to throw in the back seat. The plane also features removable landing gear so you can still fly if you're at a bumpy field or flying off of tall grass.

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View attachment 151265

PDF Plans: ShrubSmacker Plans V1.1
Dxf: ShrubSmacker Dxf
@Wildthing 120% Plans for 6mm Foam: 120% ShrubSmacker (See post 154 for details)

is the DXF files is oversised???
Looks like the wing have 2000mm


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My shrubby goes straight and maybe even down a little when i go full throttle with a 3s 850mah and the cg is a tad tailheavy if anything, is this normal for this plane?
What happens when you try to download the file? In the top right corner there's a selection to download it.
Hey :)
I just discovered this thread and I love this little plane.
I downloaded the plans in pdf and in dxf but I encounter problems for both :(

I use lightburn to laser cut the foam board.
With the flitetest plans, when I import the pdf, it recognizes the layers and the lines but for these, it considers it as an image :(

So I tried with the dxfs, but, because there is always a but lol, there is a size problem and there is no scale like on the pdfs.. to say, the wing is 2087mm, that's a lot for a mighty mini :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: