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Simple Soarer V-Tail/Stick

Hey All,

Built and crashed my electric Simple Soarer as my first ever plane, and fell in love with it. After many crashes, rebuilds and redesigns, I ended up with a few wings and assorted bits and pieces left over.

Enter the V-tail Simple Soarer Stick

First Build, Original swappable design

Number three or four, permanent electric configuration (mounted up-front of glider nose)

V-tail setup!

9v battery for nose weight

Wrapped and hot-glued a piece of Corflute (corroplast) around one of the folded wings I had laying around, super strong and handles some pretty gut-wrenching dives.
Fuselage is a piece of 25x25mm aluminium L channel I had laying around


Aeolian C2830-1150KV brushless, 35A Aeolian ESC and 3000mAh 3S1P LiPo swinging a 9x6 Slow-Fly prop (if you haven't gathered by now, I've got no idea what I'm doing)

Hitec HS225-BB Metal Gear servos, a little overkill, but all my 9g's are glued inside other swappables. Popsicle stick control horns, and 2mm safety flag control rods. Super heavy, but excellent pull!


So there you go! I hope you enjoy building and experimenting with these as much as I have. If you think it might work, then try it! This beast weighs a ton, but flies like its on rails.

Video to follow, once I aquire a camera man.