Simpson's 200% Spitfire Build


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Dude, I can't wait to see that at FF15. I hope to have some color on my Mustang, we can do some formation flying.

yea would be nice if we end up camped near each other again. I hope to have it finished by then or at least able to fly. I don't even think I'm going to be anywhere near painting it at that time.


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Subbed! Can't wait to see it fly! I want to do this myself.. Now to search for the specs..

Thanks! I'm with you, its hard to wait. nice to see you want to build one yourself, its not the easiest thing to do but its nice. As for specs I think you might like my next update


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UPDATE #10 Continued
Continuing from the first post that has reached its limit of photos

repairs underway
2015-06-23 16.24.21.jpg


getting close to being able to maiden her at Flite Fest but Ive at a bit of a set back again. having issues getting outputs from the flight controller. The wing tips are still needing a little work and the esc needs to be tied down but everything else is ready to go.

2015-07-04 19.56.43.jpg


finally back home and settled in from FliteFest2015. So for those who attended the event know but for everyone else


Watch the maiden here

Big thanks go to Peter for all the help at the event.
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