Simpson's 200% Spitfire Build


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First I'd like to start by thanking everyone at Flite Test for giving us something to come together and build this community.

Next I'll move on to a little background about me. I have been flying sense June 2014 and my skills jumped after talking with everyone at FliteFest. You may remember me as the guy with Josh "the crazy Hawaiian who loved to talk". I can not say thanks enough for the people that took time out of flying to talk about build and flying tips, all of the help and knowledge I gained brought me to this point.

I have been able to keep in contact with a small few. I may have lost your info or never got the chance to ask for it, so if your not one of them and want to be send me a message.

I will be updating this as I finish notable points in the build
posted 12/10/14

NOW on to the build!

I started this build weeks before every buying anything. Looking, reading, talking, planing. Understanding what I wanted out of this 200% Spitfire was key to know what I would have to find a way to make it work. I wanted this plane to be able to last, to be strong, to be waterproof. With in my search I came across an Article "Super Strong, Waterproof Foam Core by HilldaFlyer" that really showed me where I should start and I did.

I already had some left over Red Rosin paper so it made my choice easy to me. I slowly started redoing the paper on full sheets of foam board

2014-12-10 16.31.56.jpg 2014-12-03 15.08.36.jpg

It takes some extra time but I believe it will be worth it in the long run. After only getting 4 boards complete I started the task of editing the plans for the plane into manageable sizes for printing. I noticed after that others like NerdNic did the same and also shared the files. Once I got them printed out I was able to tape them together, to a board, and start cutting. *only used 104 pages of standard 8x11 paper*

2014-11-27 12.12.27.jpg 2014-12-07 17.45.06.jpg

It was not as easy to cut, you could tell it was a stronger paper. Glue seemed to be just about the same, might want to just keep in mind to make sure you have a good strong bond other wise hot glue could peel off. So far I have seen the foam board take a beating from moving it around the house. It has been bounced around with out getting dented up like unedited foam board.

As I was gluing some of the parts together I found the nice red color to look amazing.

2014-12-06 01.38.03.jpg
2014-12-07 23.40.39.jpg
2014-12-08 04.28.22-1.jpg
2014-12-08 16.51.41.jpg

Update #1
posted 12/17/14

The build got put on the back burner for a bit but helped keep my mind busy after the passing of my Grandfather. I spent most of my birthday working on the tail making up for some lost time.

Dry fitting only 2 of the 4 pieces to get an idea on length and control rod placement.
2014-12-12 16.49.51.jpg

The paper does not like to peel off the foam nicely.
2014-12-15 13.35.00.jpg

Even with help it still likes to take some foam with it.
2014-12-15 13.36.03.jpg

The 4 become 2. Didn't think the hot glue would stay hot enough so I just slapped on another coat of polycrylic and put them together. After leaving them for over 24 hours they came out quite nice.
2014-12-16 17.45.23.jpg

With a little help I was able to start working on cutting out the wing.
2014-12-16 21.32.08.jpg

Once all the top parts of the wing were cut out I just had to lay them end to end. Its nice to see this is going to be truly HHHUUUUGGGEE!
2014-12-17 00.21.28.jpg

Yes I did tape it to the wall just to find out how short I'm going to feel next to this thing.
2014-12-17 00.34.36.jpg

Update #2
posted 12/31/14

Small update. I just got my first order of electronics in. I have had quite a few people ask me what I'm going to use so I will list them. I will only list items once I have them in my hand. I have a few options picked out but have no clue what will end up in the plane.

Let me get this out the way. The big question "What motor?" Answer: I'm not there yet. I don't know what my ground clearance is going to be with my landing gear so I don't know what size prop I'm going to use.

Servos. Ended up going with the same servos David used. HobbyKing HK47111MG
Retracts. I over sized the retracts as 1) I dont know the end weight 2) better safe then sorry if I have some hard landings.
Struts. 169mm
Wheels. 4inch

2014-12-29 23.04.48.jpg 2014-12-30 16.05.48.jpg 2014-12-30 20.55.42.jpg

Update #3
posted 3/2/15

Well Life always has other plans so this update is quite late but I'm happy to announce that the plane is once again being worked on.

Just received my 2nd order of parts and picked out what will be used as a spar.

the start of the spar. Two 1"x1"x3' poplar
2015-02-28 17.29.43.jpg

the Turnigy motor
2015-03-02 14.12.23.jpg

the big box of parts that was shipped on Friday from Hong Kong and showed up at my door on Monday :D
2015-03-02 15.06.01.jpg

Update #4
posted 3/14/15

Built the spar with space for the retracts
2015-03-10 16.22.28.jpg

After looking over the plans I was able to find that I needed a 10 degree angle
2015-03-10 16.58.46.jpg

one of the test fits for the landing gear
2015-03-10 22.00.41.jpg

Bottom panels are glued in and ready for servo mock up
2015-03-14 14.23.40.jpg

couple of spots that will be filled in and made to look flat and the retract access
2015-03-14 14.24.05.jpg

Update #5
posted 4/10/15

Well today is the 5 month mark for this thread and now on to the update

The wing is nearing completion, all 4 servos and landing gear are in and working. The only hold up now is usps with my plug and socket to keep it easy for installing/removing the wing for storage/transport. Once I solder everything in the wing I will be-able to glue the top on.
The fuselage is finally getting more work done with the tail being glued in place and the hatch cut into it for the battery/electronics. Currently looking at places to mount the tail servos and starting to mock up the mount for the tail wheel.

test fitting the top
2015-04-05 23.51.40.jpg

The hatch
2015-04-08 13.27.46.jpg

2015-04-08 13.28.01.jpg

The horizontal stabilizer is just a tad warped.. just a little irritating.
2015-04-09 21.59.05.jpg

Update #6
posted 4/17/15

Finally got the wing all put together with only some small details to still work on. the fuselage has started mock up for servo placement and will shortly be getting a firewall.

Single connector between wing and fueslage
2015-04-12 19.23.07.jpg

the finished wiring of the wing
2015-04-12 21.32.32.jpg

Gluing on the top of the wing
2015-04-13 00.35.37.jpg

more of the top being glued on
2015-04-14 16.15.28.jpg

the wing completely together next to the fuselage
2015-04-16 21.56.38.jpg

The first time for the fuselage to sit on top of the wing.
2015-04-17 17.04.56.jpg

Update #7
posted 5/12/15

Its been going slowly again, getting close to my finals in school. The top of the fuselage as started to get covered and the firewall is built and ready to be mounted. I've got the tail servos installed and the rudder is all hooked up.

2015-05-12 15.21.56.jpg

2015-05-09 13.58.52.jpg

2015-05-09 13.58.25.jpg

2015-04-18 18.32.46.jpg

Update #8
posted 6/1/15

Another month passes and I get a little bit closer to having her up in the air. She must be ready for flitefest!

Side/wing supports
2015-05-27 21.08.29.jpg

firewall installed
2015-06-02 14.32.38.jpg

starting the front cover
2015-06-02 16.17.54.jpg

taking up the couch
2015-06-02 20.24.52.jpg

gluing part of the wing mount onto the wing
2015-06-05 17.28.16.jpg

working on the back turtle deck
2015-06-12 13.38.29.jpg

sitting in the yard with a normal sized ft spitfire
2015-06-12 19.28.40.jpg

getting its good side photographed
2015-06-12 19.25.21.jpg

Update #9
posted 6/14/15

I think its about time I start letting everyone see just what I'm playing with over here.
I might miss something so don't be afraid to ask if you want to know something.









Flight Controller



Update #10
posted 6/23/15

Well its coming down to the wire with getting her flyable for flitefest and I've had my first true setback. Had he wing laying across the armrests of my chair gluing up part of the wing locking system and my girlfriend bumped into it, knocking it over onto the fuselage. the damage was only the front of the cover being pushed in cracking some foam and bending up the left wing tip. I've already repaired the front cover and added some support. The wing tip took a lot more damage. A good amount of foam was crushed making it very weak other then the paper not much was keeping the tip attached. Repairs on the wing tip are slow and more supports need to be added now but work continues.

2015-06-17 22.46.15.jpg

2015-06-23 13.17.34.jpg

Limit reached of 50 attachments per post. Images will continue on post #48

This is all the progress I have so far. As I said this will be updated as I finish notable parts so if you wish to keep up with the build please check my Instagram to see the latest pictures of the build.

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread.
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Ooooo, Nice! You going to put a bomb drop on that thing? you could probably carry 3 or 4 pounds!

I'm not quite sure yet. I don't know what my final weight is going to be as I plan on incorporating things like retracts, flaps, fpv... Its definitely something I would like to see on this plane but unfortunately only time will tell if it gets added or not.

Great work so far. I really like the red rosin paper method and the article you linked is a great resource. My 200% is running into issues - it's built with the bad hot glue and my paper is already delaminating from the foam. I fear I've cought this too late and I might have to scrape and start over. I think I'll be using the red rosin method going forward.

Good luck!


Crazy Engineer
Great work so far. I really like the red rosin paper method and the article you linked is a great resource. My 200% is running into issues - it's built with the bad hot glue and my paper is already delaminating from the foam. I fear I've cought this too late and I might have to scrape and start over. I think I'll be using the red rosin method going forward.

Good luck!

Thank you I'm glad you think so. Ouch I'm sorry to hear you're having issues. From what I understand you have not even giving her a maiden flight yet. Sense the paper is coming off you could try getting those parts off carefully and recovering them. At least it would save you some time and cost of getting new ones.

I hope you can find a way to save as much as you can.


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nice build to follow while it's raining and windy outside. Looking good. It's indeed huuuge
grts Marc


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When you finish it, add some nose art and name it 'Hawaiian Punch'... referencing the location and color ;)