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Some easy changes so we can find new shows better please!!!


Junior Member
Ok, a group of my RC friends love the shows and input.. HOWEVER please help us...

For one, PLEASE make it easy to find and KNOW for sure the latest show, clearly marked and dated on the site or YOUTUBE. (DATE AND SAY something like LATEST)... or large date. It seems NOBODY knows for sure what the latest show is. (More so not the third party ones but the Flight Test group Josh and Josh etc..)

ALSO maybe give us a idea of when the next show is? I.e. some sort of rough date so we can look for it and know what we are looking for even.

No complaints love the show, when you can find it... or know it is the latest one.

The HeliMax CP100 looks like the current latest one, although a bit old now if I am right... who knows. lol



Typically, the shows are released on Monday and Wednesday of each week. Lately, it seems that the upload time has increased greatly, so I don't see them until Tuesday and Thursday.

The episodes show up in order on my FT homepage along the top. ?
lol you guys... Well most of the Heli guys - hang out on Heli freak as some know... BUT this show is fun to watch and we enjoy it. Actually in the main header I see the Hobbyking Stratus plane in the (Banner) then below the CP, which is fine but yeah not sure what is meant to be there. As for the (coming shows) we have not seen that but hope to see that posted on the site -- (NEXT SHOW IS) etc.. Just so we can plan a get together to enjoy the show and beer. Then see what we can break as well.