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Pumpkin drop event

some of my builds ...


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hi all ...did a little video of some of my builds from 2017-18 not sure if i ever posted it here !!
has any other member thought of doing something similar ...???
I didn't realize you have done so many planes my friend. Unbelievable to me only cuz I have been in the game for a short time but I have done over a dozen FT planes, JUst finishing another and have two more planned for the near future. So you have started in Rc flight over the past couple years?

How does the KFM3 Eagle fly?


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@BATTLEAXE ..with flite test stuff around 2015...but began around 1970 with control line/u-control, free flight gliders,and my first rc ...a super60 trainer (only ever had one flight ,as the uk changed from 27meg for rc flying ) then family came along and i had to put my toys away lol.. now retired ,so its a pleasant pass time...


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flys like a bird ..lol !! needs a little work on the v -tail ....experimenting with HK foamboard (more like depron),does not like hotglue ,makes a weak joint ...so she is grounded at the moment .