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Some quick questions before buying my first drone


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Hello there
Im planning on building my first quadcopter soon, and I'm gathering as much information as possible as I don't want do end up with something that is not compatible or worse; fry something.

So my plans was to buy these parts. The parts in blue is in the DJI F450 ARF Kit.
  • DJI F450 FlameWheel
  • DJI 2312E Motor 960KV
  • DJI E305 420Lite ESC
  • DJI 9450 Self-Tightening Propellors
  • Gens Ace 5300mAh 3S 30C battery
  • Bronto Li-Po Safe Bag (Large, 30x23 cm, roughly 12x9 inches)
  • Hitec Optic 6 (with receiver)
  • SkyRC E4 Balancing Charger 220V 1-4S
  • 2x XT60 Male, 1x XT60 Female (Going to switch the one on the battery)
  • Some general shrinking tube and solder
  • Naze32 REV6 FULL

I'm from Norway, thats why the charger is 220V and the LiPo bag is in centimeters, just to clear some possible confusion or misunderstanding

Do I need some power conversion module or something for the Naze32, or can I connect it to the power distribution board on the F450 frame? All information says it can take a maximum of 16V on the input line, but can it handle the shifting current of a battery? (Since this is my first quad, I won't have a gimbal or FPV gear at first)

Will my controller/transmitter work with this setup?

Since I'm taking VG1 Electrisity (First year of the first "optional" school in Norway) I understand that too high current can easily fry stuff, so could I theoretically install a fuse in my quad? I've read a bit around, some say no, some say maybe, since say if a well sized fuse blow mid-air, the quad will fall down like a rock. That's an obvious one, but if as I said it was a well sized fuse, wouldn't that current probaly fry the electronics anyways? From my perspective it is better to let it fall and break the frame or a propellor than fry the electronics.

What type of cable do I need between the battery and the Power Distribution Board?

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Pre script: Welcome to the forums!

1. It does not get power directly from the PDB, but it instead comes from the ESCs.

4. I used the same gauge wire that comes standard on all power supplies, 12AWG.

I am still newer to the hobby - so if I missed something someone will catch me.


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Now by just looking at this do you think this would work or do I need to change anything? I'm mostly open for suggestions, but my plan is to spray-paint the red legs so it will mostly look like THIS minus the GPS antenna. I don't plan on buying legs and an expensive gimbal just yet, need to learn the basics first :)
I would highly advise you leave the red legs red and either go red / white or paint the white ones green and go red / green, it'll help with LOS orientation.

Question 2: yes, as long as the transmitter has sub-sub-trim adjustments and can reverse channels as needed... naze can reorder the channels in software.

Question 3: no offense here but I'm sure you're not the first person to think of that... if using a fuse was a good idea people would be doing it by now.