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Fly yes... land no.
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Full disclosure. contacted me after reading my Turnigy HD ActionCam forum post and asked me to review one of their new cameras.

They covered the shipping costs but DHL still billed me $23 Canadian for "fee" and taxes.

This is my first true "not purchased" product review.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way...

Let's talk about the SOOCOO C10 Action Cam.
This test is going to be pretty simple but spread out over a few days due to time and weather conditions.

First Impressions.

Not too bad actually.
The C10 comes with a lot of pieces/accessories to mount the camera and go under water.
Full housing with a sealed back and an additional open back plate for improved sound or strap mounting.

It features a clean design and I have to say I prefer the menu system compared to some of the other cameras I've used.
Simple and to the point without a lot of clutter on the screen.

I did notice right away the lack of colour saturation. And while I was filming the Wraith I tried an outside I tried the day light white balance which turned the sky pink.

Leaving the camera on Auto White Balance seemed to render the best results.

Other points I like. Removable battery and naturally the display on the back.
Standards we all like these days. I do recommend running the screen saver after 3-5 minutes or you will drain the battery.

This was my first camera with WIFI so I put that to the test right away.
Handy but limited range and not something most of us would use while flying.
Still I'd love to get my AMP quad up and try this out one day for sure.

Gear Shots

IMG_9750.JPG IMG_9752.JPG IMG_9755.JPG IMG_9756.JPG IMG_9758.JPG IMG_9759.JPG IMG_9762.JPG IMG_9763.JPG IMG_9764.JPG IMG_9765.JPG IMG_9766.JPG IMG_9767.JPG IMG_9768.JPG IMG_9769.JPG IMG_9770.JPG IMG_9773.JPG IMG_9776.JPG IMG_9777.JPG IMG_9778.JPG IMG_9779.JPG IMG_9780.JPG IMG_9783.JPG

Initial Review
- Nice camera.

720 @ 60 FPS Review
- Full in flight camera test with a hard landing ;)

1080 Review
- Friday Flying Update Camera.

Exposure Review
- 2 cameras on the Tricopter.


I decided I would look at 3 points.

1. Does it work? Yes. Now the colour saturation can be a pet peeve for some but with a little tweaking and post production correction the results are fine.

I did not tweak any of the videos for the reviews. Everything you see is as is. And while the colour saturation appears low what I found was it provided greater video details when close up on the flowers in the garden.

2. Would I buy it? Yes. I've been looking for a 2nd 1080 camera for a while. As a flying camera or something WIFI the price is right.

3. Would I cry if I crashed it? Yes & No. Again the price is right for a camera. Tons of features. I would certainly run this camera on my multirotors or planes.

Here is the product link and a buddy code sent me.

SOOCOO C10 1.5 Inch Screen 1080P Wifi Sports Video Camcorder

Buddy code: GBC10 price: $66.99 Goes till the end of August.

I'm going to continue to refine my review processes.
If you have any points let me know.

Over the coming weeks I plan to continue to use the C10 camera in the field to shoot my flying adventures. While 720 @ 60fps looks lovely the file sizes are HUGE so I think sticking with 1080 will do well. I may also just run at 720 30FPS since all of the other cameras I fly with are capped at that rate.


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Nice! Thanks for the detailed review. I've been looking for an action cam with the form factor that most small gimbals seem to be designed for ;)


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Which gopro does it compare best with? That's the standard comparison nowadays.