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Spektrum DX6e (a review)


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Hey all!
I just wanted to post my two cents since I have found hardly any information on spektrum's newest radio. At my local hobby shop, the DX6e caught my eye. Flying mainly with a Turnigy 9XR and a spektrum DX6i, I thought for $150 I would give it a shot. And honestly I love it. My brother has a DX6 and it's exactly the same interface however, no voice alerts. Everything is a breeze, from naming a model, to mixing (elevons, Flaperons are all I have monkey'd with) Making my Turnigy seem like a dinosaur. I'm extremely happy with this transmitter. I have moved all my models to it and have sold my old radios to family members. As I said before. I just wanted to post this to let people know it's a nice radio! If anyone has any questions I would be more than happy to address them on here.
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I have been trying to decide on a radio to replace the proprietary model that came with my nano qx rtf kit. Aside from the missing voice prompts are there any other features missing from the DX6e that are present on the DX6?


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The DX6 had voice alerts, diversity antennas, one more free mix, better CCPM heli support and a wired trainer link in addition to the wireless one.

The DX6e has the mode switch gizmo (clever and great of Horizon and Hobby shops but fairly pointless for an end user once it is set) and it seems one more tail type...(could be a typo)

see here...


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In theory the DX6 will get you more reliable range in difficult conditions due the diversity. Could be better for FPV quads due to the tendency to fly around oneself rather than in front - just a theory here but you might want to look around and see if people report better low altitude range for FPV with Spektrum's diversity transmission. Voice alerts are definitely useful especially with FPV although I don't know what Spektrum's are like.

Really depends where you thing you might go next after the nano...

The heli , the extra mix and the tail mix difference are not relevant to quads.
I am moving toward fpv, I bought the nano because of modability. There are options for it comparable to the tiny whoop mods for the inductrix. As i get a more practiced hand at modding and building I would eventually like to build myself a custom fpv racer.


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Does anyone know of the Dx6e can be set up for head tracking for fpv with a two servo pan and tilt gimbal?
Might be tricky..or expensive. The DXe only has 6 channels so no mode switch for your quad if you use two for pan and tilt. That assumes the TX programming allows you to use the trainer channel signals selectively.

Generally the feature is implemented via the trainer port and I think the DXe only supports a wireless trainer so you would have to arrange to transmit the pan and tilt control signals over the air to your TX...not impossible to arrange and no doubt someone has done it somewhere...may even be a device that does it...but it is less straight forward to set up.

Here's a video I found of a DIY way.

Seems Spektrum have wireless headset that should just work...claims to work with "any Spektrum transmitter that has Wireless Trainer Link technology"


So a few thing for you to look into.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the posts here, they have been very useful. I have a DX6e in the mail, looking forward too using it with my Explorer, Delta, Flyer, and the good old Nut Ball.