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Spitfire build. Any paint design ideas?


creator of virtual planes
A few Canadians flew Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. I'm not sure if they flew with their own markings or the Royal Air Forces. Probably the latter. ... But you can fudge history a bit. I know someone built an American warbird and painted it up as a German fighter and claimed it was "captured". lol.
Here are a couple of pictures from the maiden flight. Video was not very good so just uploading the two pictures. I love the way it flys. It is very stable and does great at slow speeds. I could use a little bit more powerful motor to make it do vertical better.



Junior Member
Hi, Jdario
I like your paintwork, especially the detailed lines.
Do you paint them with brush or draw them with pencil?
Where did you get the pattern from?
Excuse the questions, but I’m building my own FT-Spitfire and would like to do something similar
Here is my oxymoronic high visibility camo ... or the Andy Warhol Spitfire ... just waiting on some vinyl decals and the right water bottle/bit of trash for the canopy.



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Love the header pipes on your Supermarine Spitfire - that is a terrific paintjob. I've been trying to figure out a way to fabricate some faux pipes out of tubing - but your painted on pipes look fantastic. What material did you use for the canopy and frame ? Nice work.