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Store Power Packs

Went looking at the new Power Packs and looked at the Mini Guinea. The airplane is $25, the A pack for twin engine is $78 yet you are only charging $80 for the combined plane and power pack. You have priced the single engine A pack, not the double engine A pack.

While I would love to get that price (2 engines for the price of 1), I don't think you meant to do this.

The mini cruiser price is correct at $108.

Since I know you would honor the incorrect price (you show the double engine picture), I have save you untold thousands of dollars by pointing out the error. Should you want to throw me a kit and power pack for my trouble, I wouldn't object :)

Keep up the good work guys!


New member
Also, it looks like some more proof reading is needed. On the fixed wing large power pack, it states it is for the minis in the description. Probably cut and pasting as much as possible.