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Storm32 Board V 1.3 not getting out of "level" mode

hello everyone,

I built a 3 axis gimbal for my sony a6000. Unfortunately it is kind of stuck in the "level" mode, because the roll motor never reaches a level position, as he is tilting in a slow periodic way... I wasn't able to get control over the roll motor problem, tried all PID settings and tried my best calibrating both MPU6050... If I change the start point of the roll motor it's not changing... Any ideas? lost a whole day on this... Looks like all motors connected to the roll motor port have the same problem, so either software or a board problem...

You should review AndyRC's (channel) YouTube Out of the box video. Later in video he goes in depth on configuration. Agreed, this is a steep learning curve. Without going into the Firmware update procedure here are the basics...
Basic steps are: 1) calibrate the 2 IMUs 2) Go through the setup steps 3) set the PIDs.
The PID setup is a load to consume. Use Andy's technique. He starts out with all PID settings at Zero and only the Pitch motor on.
Start with the "D" setting 1st. Move slider to about halfway, then do write/store. It will most likely vibrate so move slider down (left) and re-write/store until vibration is gone. Next the "I" setting then the "P". Move on to the Roll setting by first turning on that motor. Same procedure. Last is the "Yaw" settings. You have to be careful on the Motor VMAX settings. Higher if gimbal load it under gimbal; lower is load on top of gimbal.
Wish I could say this is an easy configuration, it's not. Lots of trial and error.
And as a starting point to moving forward on this project visit and READ Olli's instructions: http://www.olliw.eu/storm32bgc-wiki/Getting_Started
Pay particular attention on connecting your FTDI TTL and power requirements.

Now I have my own problems with setup/calibrating this device. It has to do with flashing firmware. When I get more info for my issue I post here.


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This is an issue I have run into multiple times with the Storm32. Unfortunately Storm32 can be a bit finicky and I don't have a simple solution to the problem. I would try all the things kentek suggests. Additionally, make sure that there is nothing restraining the motion of the gimbal axis where the problem occurs. Even a tug by a wire can cause problems. Also make sure the motor bolts are not too long and contacting the windings in the motor. And as always the gimbla should be balanced on all axes as best as possible.
Thanks @snarls. I will also check that, although I think could be a defective board. No much changes when configuring vmax (in pitch motor I could fell how it got more resistive when I increased vmax), but different response for Roll motor. Moreover, NT module does not work. No led light and it is very hot when connected (I checked the voltage imput and I think that is OK -about 3,2V). It is a brand new Banggood NT board and I am very disapointed with it. I never had such kind of problems with my previous board (IC2). In fact, now I had to downgrade firmware to 0.96 for using an IC2 module (I am waiting for a new NT module).
I will check all your suggetions and hope to find a solution.


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If its from Bang Good search the web for Storm 32 clones in you tube university. If there are clones about I am sure someone else got one and has worked thru the issues you are having. They clone everything so more then likely you got one. As with all the other clones out there I am sure things are not exactly duplicated like the SPF3 early clones that had the ground plane for the buzzer routed improperly as an example.


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Actually unlike many other multirotor parts, there are no storm32 'clones' in the sense. There is no official manufacturer for the storm32. OlliW, the designer of the board, simply has put the design out for anyone to use. Banggood and other companies have taken that design and actually made it commercially available (OlliW gets a small batch custom made for himself). But this does not mean they made it right so your point is still valid Psyborg. Unfortunately DIY gimbals are kinda out of style so banggood is actually one of the few places to get a storm32 these days. To make you feel better osmunda I have a storm32 NT from banggood and it works fine. I initially had the same issues as you in the beginning (minus the hot NT module - check the wiring), but I fixed those since.


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I'm so glad yer back for a bit to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Cranial and Dan have been slackin in that department of late. :p