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Stuff you use for winter

I ordered the Turnigy TX glove from hobbyking and I am planning to use some or those pocket warmers or microwaved bean-bags for when it's really cold. Thing is the glove is still on back-order since January, but I might still get it by the end of winter...

Next winter that is.


Flite Test Groupie
Gave my Tx mitt and heater a try yesterday.

First use was on the airfield gate lock as it was frozen.

I wanted the black mitt but like Ethanator it was not in stock(even though I ordered when it said there was one left, and then got a BO notice) but the red is fine.
The mitt was toasty in the 20F weather and was actually steaming up the view window.

How is the Turnigy Transmitter glove holding up in the Winter Andre? (The one with the really big plastic window. I just ordered one. Is it warm or should I have gotten the other mitt instead? I didn't order it since it doesn't have a neck strap hole, but I see you did a mod to change that so I am reconsidering my order...


Fly yes... land no.
Love the bigger mit but have not flown in 3 weeks now.

-43C, freezing rain and now we just got 60cm of snow.



Wake up! Time to fly!
I decided to set a limit for temps at around 40 degrees. Wind is my main determining factor on whether I will fly though. I flew this winter down around 30 degrees and it was rough on the finger joints. I like to play guitar and do so more in winter so I don't want one thing effecting the other. Also I have had my neck fused and the cold tenses the muscles in my neck and that leads to other bad reactions.

I did start to make a radio box to block the wind a bit so I could attempt colder weather and this is what I came up with so far.
Rdiobox 1.jpg

Radiobox 2.jpg

Made it from Wal-Mart foam board, a plastic lid from a big box of blueberries cut to fit and it is currently sitting in primer waiting on motivation whether to bother finishing it or not.
Andre I didn't feel southern until I started watching your videos and realizing how early spring shows up in Missouri. I've already had to mow my lawn twice, and judging from the Arrow video you just put out you have a ways to go before that...

I almost feel guilty that it's already Radian weather down here. Almost...
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