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SU-30 up-scaled and uprated Parkjet --->> Fieldjet

With a lot of smaller planes now to take to the field, I thought it was time to start another larger project. And since I have built 6 flankers and destroyed 4, why not take it to the next level!
Since my custom "stryker" works extremely well and can take being thrown around the sky, I would build similar to that. Off to bunnings to get some insulation foam for $13. I also decided to use the same power system.
DYS 1450kv 35mm Brushless motor
70amp red brick ESC
Metal gear 12gram servos
4S 2800mah 35c
Running a 7x6 prop
I cap power on the stryker to 500w watts. This is enough to propel it vertical and about as fast as I want to handle. Solid power system that comes down cool after 8-10mins of mixed flying and 40% or more left in the battery. Have used this for 8 months and over 40 flights.
My small flanker has a span of 22 inches, the next one up has 27 inches, both are stable and a hoot to fly. So went another 5 inches bigger again to 32". Marked out the plan on the foam after wire cutting a taper in the sheet (25mm in the center out to 10mm by the wing tip. I cut out the tail and fuse parts and dry fitted to see what I was in for.
Happy with the size, I finish sanding the aerofoil and begin taping the fuselage. This is after I put 2 6mm carbon spars in with epoxy.
Attached the tail after covering with tape. Added thick BBQ skewers to leading edges foe strength. Since I use the wing tape from Hobbyking, I use my heat gun to smooth it out. Wing tape is cheap too.
I dry fitted the other parts again to see where I was upto. Seems very strong with the carbon spars, although the xps insulation is fairly strong already.
I'll post when I get some more done.
We aussies may not have dollartree foam board but we have ways of building cheap planes! The other foam I am using is from hobbyking. Cheaper than depron, seems lighter but not as strong but can bend easier, especially when taped.
Go a little more time on the SU-30. Control surfaces taped and cut. Carbon fiber added to the tail sections for strength. Glued the main fuselage in place along with the top and bottom sections. Proceeded to sand the nose cone. Trying to get a more rounded look. The 10mm foam is good for this. It also makes the whole fuse section pretty strong.
Once I get the hatch attached and fire wall fitted, I can tape the fuselage up and heat shrink it tight and smooth.
Power system arrived, some soldering to do, but for the price, can't complain considering the power available here.
That battery is the same one from my custom stryker so no extra expense in the juice department.
All going well, it should be ready for a maiden flight next Sunday. Keeping the controls simple. 2 servos friving elevons mixing on both tail and ailerons. Simplicity being the key here. Gives good high alpha and tight turns, and with the power on tap, should be able to regain energy really quick.
This pic shows the tape and eerr the other tape used to cover this thing.
More aussies really need to use this stuff. It's cheap, strong and sandable. My goal was to build a high performance up sized parkjet. Hence the name feild-jet! As I'm sure this will breach the guidines of a park flier herein Oz! Excluding the battery, I'm on target to complete well under $100 (most of that is the electrics).
Not bad for a jet that's 32" span and 46" long!
ARF! Almost fully taped up. Turned out better than I thought. Just hope it will fly!
Compared to my 3 cell Flanker.
20171207_165108_1512626280200_resized.jpg 20171207_165150_1512626282102_resized.jpg
Hopefully ready for a maiden flight this Sunday!
Thought I'd give an update.
The maiden flight went OK, but found it needed a lot of throttle to keep going and as a result started to kill the voltage after about 3-4 minutes.
So I took to removing some weight and size. I removed about 2 inches front the top and shorten the nose by 3 inches. 20180217_180243.jpg
Result is a much better plane. Better climb rate, acceleration and high alpha ability, and man can it glide. Flight time increased to about 6-7 minutes.
This is with a TGS 7x6. After watching RC plane pirate motor tests, I have swapped it out for a JXF 7x6.
I have some footage but need to find time to upload it.