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Such a COOL Community.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Psyborg (Bill),
I just caught up on this thread. I'm with you. This communities positive spirit, generosity of knowledge and encouragement has been the thing keeping me in the Hobby at points. I have an easy tendency to let the failures take hold. As a Dad, it's not the example I wish to set. I LOVE to build. LOVE. (did I say LOVE?). and the challenge of successful flight is a driving force. I occasionally do a "look at the Jones" sideways glances at the successes here and get hard on myself. but, I post, Share the story with a heavy heart and a light tone. and after this community steps in.

I'd like to say, your cub looks amazing. Great job! If you lived closer, I'd demand you visit my field's cub Fly event for the laughs and crashing we'd do at the event.

If you want a laugh, look at my Cub Maiden I did yesterday! I crashed that son of a squirrel about 4 times. and I pucker hard EVERY hand launch, I like you, have two options throw like an untrained chimp, with control, or a well aimed solid toss with no control.


Fly Angry
Your cub looks great. Rasterize does great work with those skins.

I did not build this cub. It is a balsa build by Turbojoe here on the forums.

I just managed to break it my second time out with it after all the years Joe flew it no problems.

Got props on the way and as soon as they arrive and weather cooperates this and my edge build will feel the air once more.


Fly Angry
Props are here!!!

Was crazy gusty today.

Sunday looks decent for another attempt at plankaging. I will try to get the motor mount on the edge done tomorrow so both the cub and it will be ready to go.

I also may be able to talk a friend into dragging out his yet I so I can try chase footage with the quads as well as be able to get to larger areas to fly.