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Suggested challenges

Hey there FT peeps!

I'm new to the forum, but I've been enjoying the show for about a year. Before that, I watched all the RCPowers videos I could, scouring wisdom from them. Say what you will about the guy (and the new format of his videos), but I learned a lot from them.

Anyway, I wanted to share my show challenge suggestions. Hope you guys like them:

1) Variable-geometry scratch build. Something like an F14, but scratch build. If you want to make it a little harder, use only one gyro for the variable geo.
2) Variable dihedral. Like the previous one, you could tune in your dihedral mid-flight. I had a few ideas how this might be done (string tension, mainly), but I think it would be fun to see how the guys might tackle it, if they chose to.
3) Multi-stage scratch-built aircraft. This is the one I would *LOVE* to see. I'm thinking more like White Night 2 and Space Ship 2, rather than the X-15 (bomber drop). Design a two-stage plane where both airframes are meant to lift cooperatively AND separately. The idea came about when I was thinking about the speed challenge and how hard it is to design something cheap that can go very fast. The other difficulty is that a fast plane doesn't want to have a lot of surface area, but then has a hard time with building enough speed for takeoff.
SO, you could have a large low-speed vehicle to getting it off of the ground, and then a small, light super high-speed rocket (but not necessarily an actual rocket) for the high-speed (and high altitude?) portion.

What do you think?