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Suppo ESC triple beep - Help

I am using a Suppo 18 amp ESC for the swappables. I was flying around, ran out of battery, and recharged. After I reconnected my battery and connected my transmitter, the ESC beeps three times instead of the usual single beep. For about two seconds I can control the motor but then no more. Is there anything I can do to fix it, or is it just toast? Thanks in advance.


Flugzeug Liebhaber
I read the programming manual and it looks like the same program is used from the 10 through the 40 amp ESCs.

I run the 30A ESCs. Three beeps is the signal that it gives off when armed. It arms when the TX (transmitter) is on, before the ESC is powered up.

If the ESC is powered up before the TX, it will produce a continuous single beep. A bad connection at the RX will create this condition.

Powering the ESC up with TX on and throttle high, the ESC enters programming mode. However, if the TX is on and throttle high and the esc is armed, then the throttle is moved to throttle low before the first beep, the software will take this as a signal range learn mode. This is how it learns what high and low throttle range is.

Hope this helps and welcome to FT!



Flugzeug Liebhaber
Have you programmed the esc? Have you swapped batteries or checked the cells to ensure you don't have a dead cell? Are the connection soldered well? Has the radio's settings been changed to accommodate another plane? Ate the servo extensions to the ESC heavy duty?

If all this checks out and it still doesn't work it may be time to det another esc.