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Swappable Combat Gremlin

Hi all, i've been checkiing out FliteTest for the past few weeks and have not made any forum posts, so this is my first. I've always been a big fan of the Gremlin and a beater sport and combat plane. In fact I always flew the Gremlin with the big heavy SPAD combat planes and it was so nimble and fast it would tick the SPAD pilots off lol.. All in fun rite? So my son and I built the FT Bloody Wonder's but have not flown them yet as we are waiting for motors and speed controls but something came to me... A swappable Gremlin design! Using the Bloody Wonder as a guide I came up with this cool little ride... I have been calling it the Blood Gremlin. I know the "Bloody" was from Bloody Mick's FUNBAT but I thought Blood Gremlin is a good name. What do you guys think? 20130704_194029.jpg


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it looks promising mate. looking forward to seeing how it goes for CG, and how it flies.

btw, you'll love the Bloody Wonder, its a fantastic little beast
I just got the Email that I will have my motors and ESC's tomorrow so I can start to get this Bloody Gremlin tested. Cant WAIT!
Successful flight of the Bloody "Gremlin" happened this afternoon. Tho I had no one that could take a video because I was the only one at my field this afternoon, I do have some pic's and stats. I'm also working on a PDF plan so everyone can enjoy this nimble little plane. If you want to build your own now, the parts are nothing more than a Bloody Wonder with the center trailing edge narrowed to the width of the fuselage. The swappable engine pod is standard BW pod. The vertical fins are the top half of the BW fin with a angle cut to mount to the fuse. 2 servos to make up the elevons. Motor, ESC, Battery, and servos are all BW standard equipment.

The flight was good rite off. just a little bit of down trim needed and a click or 3 of right trim. The plane is a little pitch sensitive and have to play with the CG a little to get it perfect, but it flew well and fast. Maneuverability is not a problem for this plane, turns on a dime and loops very tight. With this engine prop combo power is not a problem! unlimited vertical? NOT A PROBLEM! I hope to have get a vid up sometime this week.

Please ask any questions about the build if you want to put on together before the plans are done. I will be glad to help you through your Bloody Gremlin build!!

Bloody Wonder Build for equipment links

Wingspan 28 inches (modified Bloody Wonder wing)
Fuselage: 12.5 inches (Bloody wonder fuse SWAPPABLE)
Fight weight: 358 grams / 12.6 Oz / .789 lb (It is coated in Urethane)
3 Channel, 2 servo's (elevons)

Motor: Suppo 2208/14 1450kv Brushless Motor
ESC: Suppo 18A Brushless ESC
Servo's: Suppo SP-90 9g Micro Servo
Prop: APC-style Electric Propeller - 8x4E
Battery: 4s 850mah (just what I had laying around with a charge. will use 4s 1300mah 20C pack)

20130714_165707.jpg 20130714_165713.jpg 20130714_165723.jpg 20130714_165737.jpg 20130714_165748.jpg 20130714_165757.jpg 20130714_165823.jpg