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Swappable Pusher Trainer

I am not sure if this is the best place to request this, but I was wondering if there was any plans to make a pusher trainer swappable. I have built the Nutball, Flyer and Old Fogey, but really love pushers for their slow easy flying.

Let me know! I look forward to more scratch building!

You might want to check out the Smash Drone, a pusher version of the Old Fogey. I am just starting a build on one now. Be prepared for some tweaking, as it seems the design is not quite as well flushed out as the ones from FT.


creator of virtual planes
I tried to design an easy to build pusher trainer. It isn't a swappable because it would be a lot more work to build it as one. But here is the article I wrote up about it: http://www.flitetest.com/articles/star_wars_x_wing

That plane might be right up your alley with your previous simple/easy builds. The "X-Wing" flies relatively slow. I flew it too slow a few times and stalled it. But when you stall it, it just drops with the bottom parallel with the ground so it just slowly falls down unharmed.